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Window Maintenance: How to Clean Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows need proper care to last as much as they can. They are not high maintenance, but there’s still the wrong way to clean them. This guide contains tips on the best way to clean vinyl windows from replacement … Continue reading

5 Safety Reasons to Get Replacement Windows

Old windows are vulnerable to intruders because of their age. It could be because they no longer open and close, have weaker frames and glass, or no longer fit properly. But as a homeowner in Goshen, IN, getting replacement windows … Continue reading

5 Window Styles for More Natural Light

There are different types of windows, each best suited for various purposes. For those in the market for replacement windows in Elkhart, IN, that let in a lot of natural light, here are the best window styles to consider: Picture … Continue reading

5 Benefits of Replacing Windows in the Summer

The best time to get replacement windows in Elkhart, IN, varies, depending on who you ask. Some believe spring is the best time for remodeling, and others, including us, think it’s summer. Of course, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of … Continue reading