5 Signs Your Fort Wayne Siding Needs Repairs

If your siding is a little worse for wear, you may be thinking about having it replaced. While this is a good option for many homeowners, the cost may be too much for you to bear, even at affordable prices that new siding offers. You do have another option that is cost-effective and can help bring your home back to life. With Fort Wayne siding repairs, you can fix the issues that your home’s exterior is having and get your home looking its best once again. These signs indicate that siding repair is necessary.

  • Water stains: When you see water stains on portions of your Fort Wayne siding, this is a clear sign that repairs are needed. Water stains indicate that you have a moisture problem that needs to be addressed. Fixing the water issue along while repairing the siding that has been affected can give your home a new look that no longer has to contend with moisture problems.
  • Missing siding: In strong winds and storms, portions of your Fort Wayne siding can actually blow off your home, leaving you with an unsightly gap or hole. This damage doesn’t mean that you need to have your side replaced, as your current home’s exterior can be fixed by adding siding that matches. This will repair the missing siding and help your home look completely finished without any blemishes to degrade its appearance.
  • Rust or rot: Rust and rot are a common sign that repairs are in order. This also indicates that there is a water problem that is wreaking havoc on your home. Fixing the water problem first and then addressing the siding areas that are damaged is the best way to alleviate the issue. Your siding service can help you locate the moisture problem and replace the siding that has been impacted by the water.
  • Nails heads: When the nail heads start to show through the siding, it is an indication that your Fort Wayne siding is aging or wasn’t installed properly. These nail heads can be repaired so that they are no longer noticeable. This will give your home an enhanced appearance and help the exterior look like new again.
  • Fading: Fading siding can easily happen with direct sunlight on your home in Fort Wayne. Often times this only occurs on one side of your house where the sun is most direct. By matching your untouched siding with new siding repairs, it can eliminate the fading problem right away.

These common siding issues can easily be repaired. This will save you on the cost of complete siding installation, giving your home the facelift it needs without the large cost you can’t afford. When you are in need of siding repairs for your home, contact Key Exteriors, Inc. We have the expertise you are looking for your home siding repairs and maintenance. We are located at 821 W. Coliseum Boulevard, Suite 1 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Call us at 260-492-8062 or visit our website at www.keyexteriors.com.

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