Energy Efficient Windows for Homeowners in Fort Wayne, Auburn, Huntington & Columbia City, IN

Energy Efficient Windows Goshen, INEnergy efficient windows are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who are looking to “go green.” Your windows can have a significant impact on the energy consumption of your home in Fort Wayne, Huntington, Auburn, or Columbia City, Indiana. That’s why at Key Exteriors, we install ENERGY STAR® certified windows that will help you reduce your carbon footprint and save on your monthly utility bills.

Old, drafty windows can allow warm air to infiltrate your home, an occurrence that puts undue stress on your HVAC system. When you purchase new windows from Key Exteriors, however, we will custom-fit our products to the exact measurements of your window openings in order to provide a virtually airtight seal, which will minimize this costly heat transfer. Furthermore, our energy efficient windows have impressive performance ratings in the following areas:

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) – Our windows are designed to block heat caused by sunlight, giving them a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient that will result in more comfortable temperatures for your home throughout the year.
  • U-Factor – Our windows are also made to prevent non-solar heat flow, which is measured by U-Factor. The low U-Factor of our window products means they will offer superior insulation and reduce the amount of energy it takes to heat and cool your home.

For more information about our energy efficient windows, contact Key Exteriors today. Furthermore, if it’s time to replace your home’s roof, we’re also available to provide top-notch roofer services for homeowners in Fort Wayne, Auburn, Columbia City, and Huntington, IN.