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Key Exteriors, Inc. is an award-winning residential exterior replacement contractor servicing the city of Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding areas. We have been in business since 2003 and since then, we have provided top-of-the-line products and services to many homeowners. Our craftsman and installers are all highly skilled and trained professionals in their area of specialty. As a testament to their level of workmanship, we ranked in both the Top 500 Remodelers of 2011 and Top 200 Exterior Remodelers of 2011 by Qualified Remodeler magazine. Call us today at (260) 492-8062.

If your Fort Wayne, IL home is looking shabby, then it might be time to invest in exterior renovations. Our team here at Key Exteriors, Inc. offers all of the services that you need, including siding, windows, and roofing. You are welcome to contact us to schedule a consultation to learn more about these services.

Siding is an important feature that impacts the curb appeal of your property. Replacing the siding can be one of the best things to do if you want to change the appearance of your home. Here are a few things that you need to know if you are thinking about replacement siding:

Impact of Your Curb Appeal

Many homeowners work hard to maintain a comfortable, beautiful home inside. But, it is easy to oversee the importance of a beautiful curb appeal. If you are preparing for home renovations, then it is a good idea to dedicate a portion of your budget for outdoor repairs and maintenance.

Keep in mind that the outside of your home is the first thing that people see when they come to visit. Whether an extended family is coming for a party or you have friends over, the exterior of your home will create the first impression for your visitors. So, you need to ensure that the siding matches your family values and preferences.

Curb appeal also matters when you decide to sell the property. Potential buyers will see the outside of the home before they tour the inside. This first impression could help them see the quality property that you have to offer. Or, a run-down appearance might make people hesitant about buying the home.

Why New Siding Installation is Important

Siding Fort Wayne INWhy does it matter if you invest in new siding for your home? Most of the time homeowners invest in new siding because they want to change the external appearance of the property. But, these renovations can also have an impact on the durability and safety of your home as well.

The siding on your home is exposed to the harsh weather elements all day long. Whether the sun is shining or it is raining outside, you need to have a durable home exterior to protect your family inside. The hot and cold temperatures can take a toll on the building. Eventually, you might need to invest in renovations to improve the durability of your home.

New siding will strengthen the building and reduce the serious damage that can occur from weather exposure. It supports the overall structure of the home. Siding is considered the first line of defense when your home is facing harsh weather conditions.

Siding Repairs or Replacement?

Is it better for you to repair a few patches of siding, or replace everything on the outside of your home? It depends on the quality of your home and the age of the siding that is currently in place. For example, if you have an older home, then it might make sense to invest in new materials instead of spending money on repairs. This choice will offer the long-term benefits that you desire for your family.

There are times that repairs might make sense. But, you need to talk to an experienced team for personalized recommendations. Here at Key Exteriors, we are happy to assess your needs and provide recommendations that match your goals. We can discuss the differences between repairs and full siding installation to determine the best solution for your family.

Things to Consider Before Installation

Not only do you need to choose the siding products that will look great in your home, but you also need to consider your budget and goals for the project. There might be other factors that need to be considered as well. For example, if you live in an area with a homeowner’s association, then you might need to get approval from the HOA board before you can begin external renovations. A quick discussion can help you see if any materials or colors are prohibited in the neighborhood.

Also, it is best to choose a company in your local area. This strategy will help you manage costs because you won’t need to pay the transportation fees if a company is located in a different city.

The Best Home Remodeling Team in Fort Wayne, IN

Our team here at Key Exteriors, Inc. is working hard to provide the best services for homeowners in the area. Learn more about our company, and you will see that we are leading the industry with a long list of satisfied customers.

If you are interested in learning more, then you are welcome to contact us to schedule a consultation. We will discuss the siding materials that are available, as well as other options such as windows and roofing if needed. Come to our showroom located at 821 W. Coliseum Boulevard, Suite1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808. Or, call for an in-home consultation: 260-492-8062

A Variety of Exterior Siding Options Available for Homes

home Siding Contractor Fort Wayne INFor exterior siding, residents of Fort Wayne, IN, should look to Key Exteriors to serve their siding needs. By providing a wide variety of styles and materials, we can help you find a siding solution that will provide the protection and insulation you need for your home. We also offer complete soffit and fascia installation to complement the look of your new siding and ensure that it blends seamlessly with your home.

Having Key Exteriors install new siding on your home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or a nearby area can provide you with many advantages. For instance, new siding can improve curb appeal and increase the resale value of your home. Additionally, our insulated vinyl siding can drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency, potentially saving you money on your monthly energy bill. What’s more, siding helps protect the exterior of your home from wind-blown debris during storms and other harsh weather conditions.

In addition to those tangible benefits, exterior siding also provides aesthetic appeal. At Key Exteriors, our siding products are available with a wide range of styles to match or update the look of your home. Style options include:

  • Dutch lap
  • Board and batten
  • Singles
  • Shakes
  • Vertical board

For more information on how you can improve the value, energy efficiency, security, and curb appeal of your Fort Wayne, Indiana, home with new exterior siding, contact Key Exteriors today. Financing options are available to help make your new siding dream a reality.

Siding Repair May Not Solve All Siding Problems for Homeowners

Siding Contractor Fort Wayne IN

If you are looking for siding repair services for your home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you might want to consider replacing your siding altogether. If you decide to mend your warped or damaged siding this time, it will probably not be the last time. Older siding can also have extensive maintenance requirements such as sanding, scraping, and painting. These tasks are a hassle and may not resolve the problems you are facing.

When it comes to siding, as with all of the products we offer at Key Exteriors, we encourage our customers to do it right, do it once, and make it the way you really want so you can enjoy it for a long time. By replacing your home’s siding with maintenance-free vinyl siding instead of performing siding repair, you can rest easy knowing that you have made a smart investment in the longevity, energy efficiency, and curb appeal of your home.

Take a look at the many benefits of replacing the siding on your Fort Wayne, IN, home, as opposed to performing siding repair:

  • Increased aesthetic appeal – New siding will certainly invigorate your home’s exterior, and we offer a variety of colors to choose from that will enable you to match the look of your home or update it with something fresh and exciting.
  • Low maintenance requirements – If you perform siding repair on your home, it’s likely that you will have to continue maintaining it regularly. By replacing your old siding with the new vinyl siding we offer, you won’t have to worry about constant upkeep.
  • Better moisture management and insulation – Our vinyl siding will help insulate your home, which will put less strain on HVAC unit and help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. If you perform siding repair, you may be overlooking the effects of moisture buildup that exist already.

Although siding repair may seem like the easier and cheaper method of solving the problems associated with your warped or damaged siding, we encourage you to rethink that and make a decision that will be beneficial to your Fort Wayne, IN, home for years to come. Contact Key Exteriors today for new siding installation, and be sure to ask about our financing options.

Beautiful Siding for Residents

Siding Contractor Fort Wayne INFor beautiful and durable siding options in Fort Wayne, Indiana, look no further than Key Exteriors. For more than ten years, we have continuously exceeded our customers’ expectations by providing outstanding products, expert installation, and exceptional customer service. We were founded on the principle that homeowners deserve the most out of their exterior home improvement company, which is why we offer the absolute best value to our customers, bar none.

One of the reasons Key Exteriors is the best option if you’re looking to replace your siding is the number of options we offer. Unlike other contractors who want to restrict you to the choices that are most profitable, we always take the time to explain all of your options, so you’ll get siding that works best with your budget. And, to suit your specific needs and taste, you can choose from a number of materials and styles for your Fort Wayne home, including:


  • Vinyl
  • Insulated Vinyl
  • Fiber cement
  • And more


  • Vertical
  • Handsplit shakes and scallops
  • Board and batten
  • And more

For additional customization, we also offer a variety of related products, such as custom trim and molding, and premium soffit and fascia options, so you can add unique accents to your siding and set your home apart from others in the neighborhood.

To learn more about our extensive siding selection, contact us today and schedule a free consultation. You’re also welcome to see our exterior home product options in our beautiful showroom located in Fort Wayne Indiana at the corner of Sherman and West Coliseum, just west of Lima Rd.

The Premier Siding Installation Company

Siding installation Fort Wayne INIf you need to hire a siding installation company and you live in or around the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area, you can confidently turn to Key Exteriors. We offer a wide selection of products and employ highly trained installation professionals who have the skills necessary to do the job right. Our company is founded on integrity, and our ethical way of doing business has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau along with a plethora of industry awards and accolades.

When you choose the siding installation professionals at Key Exteriors to work on your Fort Wayne, IN, home, you will appreciate that we:

  • Offer a free consultation during which we will help you choose the siding products that are right for your home
  • Provide an accurate price quote and never charge any devious hidden fees
  • Schedule installations around your busy schedule to cause as little interruption to your life as possible
  • Leave the job site clean and tidy so you aren’t left with an unnecessary mess on your hands
  • Follow up with you after the fact to ensure your complete satisfaction with our service

Best of all, our siding products are backed by comprehensive manufacturer warranties. Additionally, we stand by the skill of our siding installation crews with a lifetime labor warranty on the majority of our siding products.

To find out why so many Fort Wayne, IN, homeowners consider us to be the siding installation company of choice in the area, contact Key Exteriors today and set up a free, in-home consultation.

The Company Of Choice For Homeowners – Key Exteriors

Siding Contractor in Fort Wayne IN

When it comes to siding installation, the company of choice for homeowners in the Fort Wayne, IN, area is Key Exteriors. Our company is founded on the principle of integrity and we treat every one of our customers with the respect and attention they deserve. We use only premium siding products and top-of-the-line installation methods to ensure your total satisfaction with our service.

At Key Exteriors, we know that customer service is an important consideration when deciding on which siding company to hire. That’s why we make customer care our number one priority, with services such as:

  • Flexible hours and weekend availability for initial consultations – We will work around your busy schedule.
  • A friendly and knowledgeable staff – Our installation professionals are factory trained and utilize superior installation techniques to ensure the maximum performance and longevity of your new siding.
  • Guarantees on the quality of our work – Key Exteriors is the only siding company in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area that offers up to a lifetime craftsmanship warranty on their labor.

When you choose Key Exteriors as your siding company, you won’t just get great service, you will also get a great product that is designed to improve your home in a variety of ways. For example, our popular vinyl siding is extremely energy efficient as it can help to significantly improve insulation and reduce air infiltration through your walls. This will lessen the strain on your HVAC unit which, in turn, can result in energy savings for you. Our vinyl siding can even help increase your home’s curb appeal and is available in a range of styles and colors to choose from so you can match or update the look of your home.

When hiring a siding company, don’t settle for shoddy craftsmanship and poor service. Contact Key Exteriors today to schedule a free consultation or come down and visit our beautiful showroom conveniently located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

A Variety of Home Siding Products to Choose From

Siding Contractor Fort Wayne IN 300

When it comes to home siding, it’s important to select the right product for your Fort Wayne, Indiana, home. You should give yourself plenty of options to choose from by turning to the pros at Key Exteriors. Our knowledgeable staff members can tell you all you need to know about our siding products so you can make the right decision for your residence.

When you choose to purchase home siding from Key Exteriors, you will appreciate our wide selection of products, which includes:

  • Insulated vinyl siding – Perfect for helping to reduce heat transfer through walls to make your Fort Wayne, IN, home more energy efficient
  • Fiber cement siding – Highly durable and closely simulates the look and feel of natural wood siding
  • Shake and shingle – For a classic look that can add a rustic feel to your home

In buying from us, you will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your new home siding will not only be installed by our highly trained technicians but also covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. What’s more, we stand by the quality of our work with a lifetime labor warranty on most of our siding products.

To learn more about the different types of siding that we offer, contact Key Exteriors today. We proudly serve residents throughout the Fort Wayne, IN, area, and we would be delighted to provide you with a free consultation to discuss all of your home siding options.

Vinyl Siding for Homeowners

vinyl Siding Contractor Fort Wayne INVinyl siding can not only give the exterior of your Fort Wayne, IN, home a fresh, attractive appearance, but it can also help improve your home’s energy efficiency, particularly when you opt for high-quality insulated siding wall systems. At Key Exteriors, Inc., we are proud to offer homeowners throughout the Greater Fort Wayne area a superior insulated siding product that can help reduce utility bills and create truly unique home exteriors.

Key Exteriors is an authorized Mastic Home Exteriors Structure Plus Super Insulated Siding Dealer, which means we offer and install Mastic’s high-performance Structure EPS vinyl siding. This product features recycled-content vinyl paneling, which is bonded to expanded polystyrene foam. The foam backing gives the product its unmatched insulating capabilities and allows it to help provide a seal around your home that can reduce the strain on your heating and cooling system, lower your energy usage, and create a more consistent indoor temperature year-round. This product is 200 percent more rigid and has 300 percent more impact resistance than other vinyl options. Additionally, we also proudly offer insulated siding options by Crane.

When you choose Key Exteriors to install vinyl siding on your Fort Wayne home, you’ll enjoy knowing that our installers are all highly skilled and trained, and have the expertise to ensure the proper installation of your siding. We also offer and install other types of siding, including fiber cement and traditional vinyl siding products.

To learn more about our insulated vinyl siding by Mastic, or any of our other home improvement products, contact Key Exteriors today. We are proud to offer and install replacement windows, doors, gutters, and more for homeowners in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and all other surrounding communities.

When Do You Need To Repair Your Siding?

Your home may be losing its curb appeal because your siding has lost its luster and is in desperate need of repairs. You could be losing value on your home if you leave these problems to fester. Having repairs performed on your siding can return it to its former glory and work to increase your home value, giving you more equity as a result. These common siding problems indicate that your siding needs repair. Call a professional siding company to remedy the situation.

  • Cracking: Cracked siding is cause for concern. Allowing these cracks to grow can allow moisture to get behind your siding and create damage to your home’s structure. When you see signs of cracking, have a siding company resolve the issue to prevent further damage to your home.
  • Rotting: Water is the enemy and when water penetrates your siding, you have a potential for rot and decay to occur. Your siding needs to be repaired to prevent water from penetrating the surface and wreaking havoc on your home.
  • Bubbling: If you notice areas of your siding are bubbling up, this is a sign that water is trapped beneath the surface. This portion of your siding will need to be replaced to prevent further water damage and a Fort Wayne siding company can help alleviate the problem.
  • Mold and mildew: When you see signs of mold or mildew, you need to get have your Fort Wayne siding inspected immediately. This can indicate moisture penetrating the surface and creating a dangerous situation in your home. A siding repair company will be able to determine where the water is coming from and help put an end to your mold and mildew issues.
  • Fading: The sun can take a toll on siding and cause its color to fade. This may be happening on only a portion of your home where the sun hits most frequently. Siding repair can help replace this area and help your home’s appearance look more balanced and even.
  • Holes: If you notice holes in your siding, you need to have repairs to its surface quickly. Holes in your Fort Wayne siding are caused by insects, which can allow the weather elements to get through and also create water damage. It can be a costly fix if left untreated.
  • Missing siding: When the weather acts up, you have the potential for missing siding on your home. The wind can blow your siding off and expose the structure to rain and snow. Have a siding repair company replace the missing areas to protect your home in poor weather.

Keeping an eye on your siding can help prevent costly damage to your home. When you notice areas that need repairs, have them addressed quickly. For your Fort Wayne siding installation and repairs, turn to Key Exteriors, Inc. We can help you not only identify, but also fix your siding problems. Contact Key Exteriors, Inc. at 260-492-8062.

Why Should You Add Siding To Your Home?

If you are looking for a way to add some curb appeal to your home without breaking the bank, you may want to consider adding siding to the exterior of your house in Fort Wayne. Siding comes with a variety of benefits that can add immense value to your home while retaining the current architecture. You’ll find, by adding siding to your house, that you are able to enhance its appearance with a more modern look while also gaining advantages such as these:

  • Variety of options: Fort Wayne siding companies have come a long way. There is now a bevy of options available that allow you to choose exactly the right color and texture for your home. With so many choices, it really provides you with the perfect exterior material for your house as you can compliment any feature of your home or yard with its installation.
  • Durability: Siding is also designed to be extremely durable. It prevents moisture from entering your home and can withstand the elements of rain, wind, and You’ll appreciate that your siding is able to combat the weather as you will have virtually no repairs through the life of your home as long as you take some time to make sure it is cared for.
  • Maintenance free: Your siding is created to be maintenance-free. You never need to paint your siding or perform any laborious improvements to keep it looking like new. Occasional cleaning can help the siding retain a fresh and clean appearance, which can easily be done with a pressure washer or hose attachment.
  • Affordable: One of the main advantages of siding on homes in Fort Wayne is its low cost of installation. It is an economical material choice to add to your home’s exterior over wood, which can be quite costly to have installed and hard to maintain as well. Your siding can be installed in minimal time, giving your home a new look with little downtime for installation or construction.
  • Energy efficient: New siding can also help to control your heating and cooling costs inside your home in Fort Wayne. By choosing insulated siding for your house, you can provide an extra layer of protection around your home that will prevent cold air from getting in during the winter and hot air from entering during the summer. You’ll be able to operate your heating and cooling system less, saving you money all year long.

Adding siding to your home is a beneficial way to update the property without having to worry about upkeep or maintenance throughout your ownership of the home. You’ll save considerably with its installation compared to other exterior surfaces and benefit from reduced heating and cooling costs all year long. When you need siding installed on your home, contact Key Exteriors, Inc. We are located at 821 W. Coliseum Boulevard, Suite 1 in Fort Wayne, IN. Call us at 260-492-8062 or visit our website at www.keyexteriors.com.

Premium Siding Products Available

Siding Ft Wayne Elkhart, INIf you need of siding installation services in Ft. Wayne, IN, you should consider hiring Key Exteriors, Inc. Our business is based on offering top-notch products, installed by factory-trained and -certified technicians, at a price that fits within your budget. Whether you need to replace old or damaged siding, or you just want to give your home a brand new look, we can help you find the products that best suit your needs.

At Key Exteriors, we offer a number of siding options for Ft. Wayne, Indiana, homeowners to choose from, each with unique features and benefits, including:

  • Insulated vinyl – Vinyl is a maintenance-free material, meaning it will maintain a like-new appearance with little effort on your part.
  • Extruded aluminum – This is our most durable option, which also has energy-efficiency benefits, as it can reflect heat, helping to keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.
  • Fiber cement composite – This cladding material can closely simulate the look of real wood and is engineered to be extremely durable.

What’s more, nearly all of our siding products are backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer up to a lifetime warranty on the labor that’s performed by our skilled technicians during installation, for the ultimate peace of mind in your investment.

Contact Key Exteriors today to schedule a free consultation with one of our siding specialists at your Ft. Wayne, Indiana, home. And don’t forget to ask them about our financing options.

Properly Insulated Siding Can Help to Improve the Thermal Performance of Your Home

Siding ft Fort Wayne IN

Siding is an integral part of any Ft. Wayne, Indiana, area home as it provides protection from windblown debris, water damage, and other natural elements. Another important function that siding provides is insulation for your home. As we will outline in this article, proper insulation under your siding is absolutely essential to optimizing the energy efficiency of your home.

The thermal performance of your Ft. Wayne, IN, home is greatly affected by the amount of heat that is transferred through your walls. Without the proper insulation under your siding, your HVAC unit will need to work harder to maintain the interior temperature of your home, as heat escapes during the cold season and filters in during the summer. With the proper insulation, however, it will help reduce the strain on your HVAC unit and make it much easier to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. This, in turn, can lead to savings on your monthly power bill, as your HVAC unit likely uses more energy than any other appliance in your home.

At Key Exteriors, we always install proper insulation underneath our siding. Our customers turn to us because we have the experience necessary to provide them with solutions that are engineered to help improve the thermal efficiency of their homes. You can feel confident in the expertise of our manufacturer-certified installers and the top-notch quality of our products, all of which will help to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

If you would like to properly insulate your home by having new, energy-efficient vinyl or fiber cement siding installed on your home, contact Key Exteriors today. We proudly serve the residents of Ft. Wayne, IN, and all surrounding areas.