How Often Should You Replace the Vinyl Siding on Your Home?

Vinyl siding has become very popular siding material among homeowners over the years because of how long-lasting and durable it is. In some cases, you can get anywhere from 20 to 40 years of life out of your vinyl siding in Fort Wayne, IN, depending on how thick it is and how well you take care of it.  

Vinyl siding isn’t designed to last forever, though. At some point, you’re going to have to replace vinyl siding. You will need to get rid of your old siding and get a brand new replacement siding. And it’s important to recognize the signs that your siding needs replacement. Let’s take a look at how you’ll know when you should replace the vinyl siding on your home.

Your vinyl siding is faded and worn. Vinyl Siding Goshen, IN

Stand in front of your home and take a good, long look at your vinyl siding. Has it seen better days? Maybe what used to be bright yellow vinyl siding is now a dull yellow color. Or maybe what used to be light blue vinyl siding is now covered in dirt that won’t wash off and other stains. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t allow your vinyl siding to drag the curb appeal of your home down. If it has turned into an eyesore, replacing your siding is a must.  

Your vinyl siding has pieces that are missing or broken. 

Because of how durable it is, it’s rare to see vinyl siding pieces get blown off a home or damaged as long as they’re installed properly. But if you live in a place like Fort Wayne that has very cold winters, very hot summers, and harsh weather conditions at different times of the year, your vinyl siding might start to break down over the years. And if you have vinyl siding that has missing or broken pieces, it’s definitely time for you to replace it.  

Your vinyl siding is allowing moisture to seep right through it. 

Moisture can cause some serious issues for your home if it’s able to get past your vinyl siding. It can encourage mold growth behind your siding that can put your family’s health at risk, and it can also cause the wooden structure of your home to start to rot. You should, therefore, make sure moisture isn’t able to get past the protective barrier your vinyl siding provides. If it has somehow broken the seal and worked its way beyond your vinyl siding, you need to put new siding in place to stop it moving forward.  

Your vinyl siding is just plain old. 

Have you had the same vinyl siding on your home for 30 or 40 years now? It has put up a good fight, but it’s officially time for it to retire! Generally speaking, vinyl siding will last somewhere in the 10 to 20 year range. If you go beyond that, your siding probably isn’t going to be as effective as it once was. Consider replacing it sooner than later.  

If you’ve decided that it’s time to put up new vinyl siding on your home, Key Exteriors, Inc. can provide you with the Fort Wayne, IN siding installers you’ll need to do it. Reach out to us at (260) 492-8062 today or visit 821 W Coliseum Blvd #1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808 to set up a siding consultation.

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