Should You Repair Or Replace Your Home’s Fort Wayne Siding?

If your home’s siding is looking a little worse for wear, you may be in need some repairs to get it back in shape. Over time, siding on your Fort Wayne home can wear and look aged, making your house appear unkempt or older than it really is. Having your siding repaired or replaced by a siding company can give your house the boost it needs and improve its appearance significantly.

When To Replace Your Siding?

When your home’s side shows signs of pealing, chipping or cracking, you may be in need of some TLC to get it under control. Fort Wayne siding options are designed to last eight to 10 years and when yours starts to show signs of wear, you need to have a professional look at it right away. Unfortunately, if your siding is showing significant indications of wear, you may be in need a replacement siding to give your home that pristine look you are seeking. In this instance, your siding is past its life cycle and the only way to revive it is with new installation from a siding company.

You may also want to replace your siding when you see signs that your heating and cooling bills are increasing. This rise in household costs can mean that your siding is past its prime and is no longer protecting your home. Adding new insulated siding can help you reduce your heating and cooling costs by giving you more protection from the outdoor elements. Talk to your siding company about energy saving siding options for your home.

When To Repair Your Siding

When you see areas of your home in Fort Wayne that are missing sections of siding, you do not need to despair at the thought of a costly fix. Your local siding company can easily repair missing siding without requiring a full replacement on your home. Simply contact your siding repair service and have them match your siding with new pieces that will seamlessly integrate into the current look of your home.

Holes in your siding are another sign that repairs are needed as insects have burrowed their way into your siding. Ignoring this damage can make the problem worse when an easy fix could alleviate the issue. With these holes only affecting a small portion of your home, you can have your local siding repair service fix your siding quickly and eliminate the insect damage that is afflicting your house.

Knowing when to repair vs. replace your siding in Fort Wayne can save you money as well as installation time. Small problems can typically be repaired while larger, more involved issues may require new siding installation. Always work with a professional siding service to determine what the best course of action is for your home’s siding problem as they have the experience in dealing with an array of siding issues. When your home needs new siding or siding repairs, contact Key Exteriors, Inc. We are located at 821 W. Coliseum Boulevard, Suite 1 in Fort Wayne, IN. Call us at 260-492-8062 or visit our website at

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