Does Your Home Need Replacement Windows and Doors in Saint Mary’s, OH?

As homeowners, we often don’t think twice about the importance of our windows and doors. We trust them to help protect us from unfavorable weather and unwanted intruders. We depend on them for sunlight, visibility, fresh air, and access in and out of our homes. Sadly, time and decay can diminish their ability to do these things for us. If you’ve noticed this happening in your home, it may be time to install replacement windows and doors in Saint Mary’s, OH.

Key Exteriors, Inc. is a leading provider of quality windows and doors in our community. Our customers appreciate the high-level support we provide them as they shop for replacement products for their home. It can be a daunting task to do it alone, but with the guidance of our industry pros to help, you won’t go wrong. Part of our service offer includes a no-cost consultation at your home. Our expert will review your existing windows and doors and help you identify those windows and doors that either needs service or replacement.

However, if you’d prefer to do the initial walk through yourself, here are some of the telltale signs that your windows and doors are ready to be updated:

1. Damage or Wear and Tear

As you’re inspecting your windows and doors, try to identify any points of damage or disrepair. Open and close every existing product. Is there any evidence of weakness or stress as you do so? Do the hinges and slides work properly, or are there any sticking points? Are there broken glass panes? Take a look at any lines of caulk sealant. Is it dry, cracked, or crumbling? Is there any mold growth around the edges? If it is cold outside, do you see any condensation build up inside your window?

While you’re reviewing these things, take a moment to review the hardware and locks on your doors. Are there any broken or worn components? Do you see any air gaps around the perimeter of your doors and windows? Are they out of square, unable to properly fit and seal in their frames? If you notice any of these problems occurring, it may be a good time to call and get one of our professionals to come and look at the points of concern.

2. Poor Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is one of the most important things that windows and doors should provide us. When you walk through your living space, do you notice any changes in temperature as you move through the rooms of your home? Perhaps these variances only occur near the windows and external doors? If so, your existing windows and doors are probably not performing as they should. This could be caused by lower quality products that are not efficient in the first place. It could also be due to seal failure, improper installation, or shifting that has caused misalignments of between frame and fit.

In any of these situations, your home likely needs some help. Installing replacement windows and doors in Saint Mary’s, OH may be the best solution. Homeowners can experience as much as a 25% reduction in their home energy bills when they upgrade their home’s window and door openings! This not only save you money each month, but you also lower your family and home’s impact on the environment.

3. Tired or Outdated Styles

Have you noticed that your house is starting to look a bit dated? The doors and windows in a home carry an outsized proportion of the home’s architectural style. They are the points where light enters your living space and consequently, where our eyes naturally gaze. That’s why they matter. If your house needs a facelift, consider whether now is the right time to update the look of your home by replacing the windows and doors. People like to think remodeling bathrooms and kitchens are the only way to freshen their home’s style. These things do help, and they are important, but don’t forget the exterior of your home.

4. Investment Upgrades

Buying replacement windows and doors is a large investment in your home. The great news is, most of the money will be captured in equity value increase. Over time, you will gain the rest of the value in lower energy bills and increased curb appeal and buyer attraction.

Talk to A Replacement Windows and Doors Expert in Saint Mary’s, OH

When you’re ready, give us a call to schedule one of our friendly professionals to visit your home for a free, no pressure consultation. At Key Exteriors, Inc., we aim to help our community in any way we can. If you prefer to discuss options for replacement windows and doors in Saint Mary’s, OH in person, come and see us at 821 W Coliseum Blvd #1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808. Schedule a time with us today at (260) 492-8062.

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