5 Types of Fort Wayne Window Frames To Add To Your Home

When it is time to add Fort Wayne windows to your home, you also need to consider the frame options that you will add. Frames provides the support structure to your glass panes and provides the aesthetic appearance that you are accustomed to in your home. There is a variety of frame options available to you as a homeowner. While it may seem complex to decide which option is right for you, these five window frame types are the most common and preferred materials for installation. Think about the benefits of each when choosing windows for your home.

  • Vinyl frames: If you are looking for an affordable frame option for your Fort Wayne windows, vinyl frames are one of the best materials to select from. They are virtually maintenance-free with very little upkeep needed. They can be filled with insulation for added protection from drafts, but are not offered in a large variety of colors which some may consider a drawback.
  • Composite frames: Composite frames are a more expensive frame option to select for your Fort Wayne windows. Made from a combination of wood and aluminum or wood and vinyl, they marry the best of both worlds, offering strong energy efficiency with an appearance that many homeowners prefer. They are available in an array of styles that will suit your home or any other window frames you currently have in your home.
  • Fiberglass frames: If durability is important to you, having fiberglass frames for your new Fort Wayne windows is a must. These extremely rugged windows are designed to last longer, offering plenty of energy efficiency in a sturdy frame that resists cracking and expansion. They do need to be repainted over time, which may turn some homeowners off because of the added home maintenance.
  • Aluminum frames: The most inexpensive window frame option you can select for your Fort Wayne windows is aluminum. While this frame material is low cost, it doesn’t offer the energy efficiency that you will see with other frame materials. It conducts heat quickly which can add up to extra energy costs month-to-month.
  • Wood frames: For a high-end window frame appearance, many homeowners select to go with wood frames for their Fort Wayne windows. Wood offers the best insulation and keeps those drafts out. These frames are appealing as they have a refined natural look. They do need to be stained and sealed regularly, and are susceptible to moisture problems such as rotting and mold.

Any of these frame materials would be ideal for your new Fort Wayne windows. You can select the type that best suits your home needs and your window budget. When you are in need of new windows for your home, contact Key Exteriors, Inc. We offer a variety of windows and frame options to select from. We are located at 821 W. Coliseum Boulevard, Suite 1 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Call us at 260-92-8062 or visit our website at www.keyexteriors.com.

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