5 Signs Your Home Needs Replacement Windows and Doors in Elkhart, IN

Most of us don’t give our home’s windows and doors more than a passing glance. Day in and day out, we use and rely on their functional use. They provide protection from weather and intruders, allow sunlight in and visibility out, provide convenient access, and add architectural style and beauty. As these vital components of your home start to age and wear out, you may begin to notice things aren’t working as well as before. But when should you start thinking about replacement windows and doors in Elkhart, IN?

Windows and doors are a big investment for a homeowner. That’s why at Key Exteriors, Inc., our industry professionals will consult with you about the condition of your home’s current windows and doors. Replacement is not a casual decision. If there are ways to extend the useful life of what is already in place, we can help you to determine that. But eventually, even the best windows and doors become problematic and need to be replaced. Here are five signs that you should consider replacing your windows and doors:

1. Drafting Air

If your windows and doors are allowing air to move in or out of your home freely, this means they are not sealing properly. Age, sun warp, exposure, or bad installation can all be to blame. Whatever the cause, drafty windows and doors are a surefire sign of a problem.

If you aren’t sure if your windows and external doors are drafting air, run your hand around the edges of the closed door or window. Can you feel any micro breeze or temperature difference? Do you see any gaps or air leaks? Is the caulk sealant dry or cracked around the perimeter? Nothing lasts forever. If you are experiencing any of these problems, it may be time for replacement windows and doors in Elkhart, IN.

2. Water Leaks

As you inspect your windows and external doors, look for any indication of water damage. Check the window sill and surrounding edges for any water stains or moisture build up. If the opportunity presents itself, take time to walk through your home during a rainstorm to identify any minor leaks that may be overlooked in a dry inspection.

3. Condensation

Glass panes should be airtight on your windows and doors. If you notice any water condensation inside your windows, or even outside your window, you likely have a broken seal. This is a sign that the window has failed and may need to be replaced. Left alone, the window can start to accumulate dirt and grime between the window panes. Since this is not accessible for cleaning, your window can become permanently dirty, causing you not to be able to see clearly through it.

4. Functional Failure

Are your windows and doors not operating correctly? Is it difficult to open or close them? If so, you may be experiencing functional failure. Over time, frames can warp or buckle under the constant strain of gravity, weather, and sun exposure. Rust and rot can accumulate, and sashes can start sticking due to a bad fit.

These failures not only make daily routine use more difficult, but they can also be a safety hazard. In an emergency, you want every window and door to be readily useable as a possible escape route. For example, if a house fire were to break out in your home, you would want your family members to have options to get out. A window that is stuck fast could threaten their ability to do just that.

5. High Energy Bills

A home with poorly performing windows and doors is probably consuming more energy than a more efficient home would. If you’ve noticed your heating and cooling costs are higher than normal, your windows and doors may be the problem. Age and decay can happen almost imperceptibly. But the utility bill doesn’t lie. If you’re paying more than before, this can indicate your home’s energy efficiency has decreased.

In this scenario, not only are you paying more money to heat and cool your home, the added strain on your HVAC system will cause excessive wear and tear. Given enough time, this overuse will cause premature breakdown of the system, adding more unnecessary cost to homeownership than is necessary.

Free In-Home Consultation for Replacement Windows and Doors in Elkhart, IN

Many reasons could prompt you to consider buying replacement windows and doors. If any of the above problems are present in your home, call one of our friendly professionals to take a look. They will provide you with an expert perspective and help you decide if now is the right time to invest in replacement windows and doors in Elkhart, IN. Key Exteriors, Inc. is located at 821 W Coliseum Blvd #1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808. Call today to start the conversation at (260) 492-8062

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