How to Prepare Your Home to Have Replacement Windows Installed

Are you scheduled to have replacement windows in Lima, OH installed in your home soon? Rather than waiting until the last minute to get your home ready for it, you should make the proper preparations ahead of time. By doing this, you’ll prevent any delays from popping up during your window installation and ensure that window installers can get to work as soon as they show up at your house. Here is how to prepare your home for window replacement accordingly.

replacement windows in Lima, OH

Clear out the areas around the outside of your home’s windows.

Do you have leaves, sticks, and a bunch of other debris piled up around the exterior of your home? These things could potentially get into the way during your Lima, OH window installation if you leave them there. Break out a rake and a garbage can and clear out the areas right outside of your home’s windows. By clearing these areas, you’ll give your window installers plenty of room to work and prevent them from having to take time to clear the areas themselves.

Move everything away from the windows inside your home.

You probably don’t have anything situated in front of the majority of the windows in your home. But there’s a good chance that at least a few of your windows have furniture, toys, and more sitting in front of them. Just like you should clear the areas around the outside of your windows, you should also clear the areas around the inside of your windows. Your window installers shouldn’t have any issues getting to your windows so that they can be replaced.

Make paths for your window installers to walk around inside your home.

Your window installers are likely going to have to spend at least some time walking around inside of your home. This means that you should make sure the interior of your house is as clutter-free as it can be. You should even go as far as to create paths for window installers throughout your home. They should be able to walk around without tripping over anything or banging into things.

Check with your window replacement company to see if there’s anything else you should do.

As long as you do the first three things on this list, your home should be all ready to go when window installers arrive. But just to be sure, it never hurts to call your window installation company to ask if they need you to do anything else. They may be able to give you additional pointers on prepping your home for window replacement.

At Key Exteriors, Inc., we always make it our mission to make our Lima, OH window installations go as smoothly as possible. We can talk to you about the different ways in which you can prepare your home for a quick window replacement. Reach out to us at (260) 492-8062 today to talk to someone about the window installation process or come see some of the windows we have available at 821 W Coliseum Blvd #1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808.

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