How Long Is Your Home’s Fort Wayne Roofing Going to Last?

When your new Fort Wayne roofing is first installed, it might feel like your roof is going to last forever. It looks so good and seems as though it will be able to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. But over time, your roof will break down, and before long, you’ll need to call on a company like Key Exteriors, Inc. to step in and replace y

How Long Is Your Home’s Fort Wayne Roofing Going to Last?

our existing roof with a new one.

How long will this entire process take to play out? The truth is that it all depends on what kind of roof you have and how you maintain it. Check out some of the more common kinds of roofs below and how long you can expect each of them to last before replacement needs to take place.


Asphalt roofs are probably the most common type of roofing in Fort Wayne becau

se they’re the most affordable. You don’t have to pay a fortune to put one on, and it’s relatively easy to install them. In many cases, you can have a new asphalt shi

ngle roof put on your home in just a da

y or two. However, one of the downsides of these types of roofs is that they don’t last as long as others. Most will last you for about 20 years before they need to be replaced. That being said, you can make them last longer by doing regular roof inspections and have roof repairs done. But you should start making plans for a new roof once you reach the 15-year mark.


Do you like the look of wood shake roofs? They’re becoming more and more popular among homeowners, and that’s at least partly due to the fact that they last for a long time. While you will need to do some extra maintenance on them, you will usually get about 30 years of life out of wood shake roofs before they need to be replaced.


Much like wood shake roofs, metals roofs are also becoming a lot more popular these days. Part of that is because roofing manufacturers have figured out a way to make metal roofs look warm and inviting. In many cases, they look just like asphalt roofs as far as design goes while offering more protection. But part of it is also because metal roofs will last you for a long time once they go on. You can get 50 years out of many metals roofs as long as you maintain them and make any fixes that need to be done.


Are you looking for a roof that is about as close to indestructible as you can get? Then slate roofs are probably your best bet. They can last you for more than 50 years and can stand up to water, wind, fire, and more. As long as your slate roof is installed properly, you won’t have to worry about it going anywhere for a long, long time.

Key Exteriors, Inc. can install whatever kind of roofing in Fort Wayne you want and make sure you get the most life possible out of it. Whether you want basic asphalt shingles or a more advanced engineered slate roof, you can get it from us. Contact us at 260-492-8062 today or stop by 821 W. Coliseum Boulevard, Suite 1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808 to see all of the roofing options we have for you.

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