Bill and Jenny C.

 We recently had remodeling done by key exteriors of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and our experience with the company was wonderful.
We have lived 35 years in this forty-five-year-old home. This was our first complete exterior makeover it with the new windows and front door, new siding and faux stone, new gutters with Leaf Shields, and adding on a larger front porch with a Gable on the roof.

Our preliminary meetings with Bill kesterkey were informative Dash from the materials offered to the financing. He felt comfortable and calling key exteriors if we had any questions on this large project. The materials used and are remodeling our top coffee with guarantees.

The Vanguard windows and are two story home or installed and efficient manner with knowledgeable workers. Key exterior had their own employees for this and did not bid out the window job. Immediately we could tell the difference in our home with these new windows. There was almost no outside noise and such a quiet feeling all over. I’m sure there will be a recognizable difference in the heating bill in the future.

The siding and faux stone was installed by an experienced gentlemen. At the end of each working day the work areas cleaned up. His expertise and then stalling sightings is obvious when we have friends commenting on different parts of the house about the techniques used on the insulation. When the signing, so stoned, and shingles in The Gables were completed we love seeing cars go past and hearing the prices for such a lovely job.

Five inch gutters were installed plus Leaf shields in order for my husband to keep from climbing on a ladder to clean out the gutters on the Second Story. These definitely complement are finished on.

In addition to a complete remodeling timer we also updated or front entrance by enlarging our porch. We went from a 3 foot by 6 foot small porch to a 6 foot by 12 foot porch. A roof was put over this area and then a large table was installed on the roof. This “idea” came from a small picture I had cut out of a magazine years ago. Bill kesterkey track down the information on this article and applied it to our home with the proper measurements for our house size. It totally modernized our home!
We are extremely pleased with the final product and with all the service rendered by this company. Because of our satisfaction, I know that we would recommend key exteriors to anyone for a remodeling.

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