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Super Remodeling, a concept developed by Owner of Key Exteriors, Bill Kesterkey, focuses on providing the ultimate benefits to homeowners for their exterior improvements including windows and doors, siding, and roofing projects.

Through research, collaboration, and exclusivity, Key Exteriors provides the highest quality, best warranties, and maximum value to their customers.

After over 20 years in business and after visiting more than 20 manufacturing facilities, Bill created and implemented the Super Remodeling concept to offer the following core benefits: Best Beauty, Best Quality, Best Warranty, and Best Value.

Super Remodeling supports the most energy-efficient, maintenance-free products on the market and it is through Bill’s careful selection process that Key Exteriors can deliver top benefits of design, value, and quality for homeowners like you.

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Core Benefits of Super Remodeling

1. Only The Best Manufacturers
After extensive research on the top window and door, siding, and roofing manufacturers in the country, Bill selects only the best for his customers. First, he assesses the financial strength of the manufacturer to ensure they can stand by their warranties and provide security to the customers of Key Exteriors. Second, Bill evaluates the quality of the product, design options, warranties, and energy efficiency.

2. Collaboration For Ultimate Customization
Once he chooses the appropriate manufacturer to partner with, Bill then collaborates with personnel to customize and design products for his customers’ specific needs. Customization can include design offerings, efficiency, and warranties.

3. Exclusive To Our Customers
Lastly, after these products have been tailored to fit our marketplace, Key Exteriors makes them available exclusively for our customers. In other words, you can’t get these products, options, or warranties anywhere other than Key Exteriors. Big Box stores or even direct competitors are unable to match the value we offer our customers through Super Remodeling.

Our products, which are virtually maintenance-free and beautified with customized designs that enhance curb appeal, enable our customers to enjoy more free time, feel greater pride of ownership in their home improvement designs, and have peace of mind. Not to mention our Super Remodeling practice allows our customers to experience increased security, comfort, and ease of operation.

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Get a free in-home estimate or call us today at 260-492-8062.