Do You Need Replacement Windows? Don’t Ignore These Signs!

replacement windows in Elkhart, IN

Replacing the windows in a home usually requires a homeowner to make a relatively large investment. As a result, some people will try to ignore the signs letting them know that they need to have replacement windows in Elkhart, IN installed. If you sense that you might be doing this, you should stop ignoring the signs that you need replacement windows and arrange to have new windows put into place. Here are some of the signs that you shouldn’t ever ignore when it comes to your home’s windows.


Your windows are letting air leak into your home.

Can you feel air coming into your home when you stand next to the Elkhart, IN windows in it? This is one of the most obvious signs that you need to have replacement windows installed. If air is allowed to come into your home at all times of the day and night, it’s going to affect the comfort level. The only way to reverse this trend is by installing new windows that will trap air in your home and stop air from getting out.


Your windows are allowing moisture to work its way into your home.

When you have older windows in your home, they’re going to let more than just air coming in and out at will. They’re also going to let moisture make its way into your home. This moisture can do damage to your windowsills, your walls, your floors, and more. It could also potentially cause mold to grow in different pockets of your home, which could do damage to your house and put your health at risk. If you spot any signs of moisture in your home as a result of your old windows, you shouldn’t ignore them.


Your windows are forcing your home’s HVAC system to work too hard.

Does it feel like your home’s HVAC system is always on? This could be because your windows aren’t doing their jobs. When windows let air in and out all the time, it can take a huge toll on your HVAC system by forcing it to work so much harder than it should have to. This can increase your energy bills dramatically, and it can also lead to your HVAC system wearing out way sooner than it should. Additionally, you’re going to find that your home won’t ever be as comfortable as you want it to be, no matter how hard your HVAC system works.

replacement windows in Elkhart, IN

Your windows have turned into a huge safety and security threat in your home.

Once windows get to be on the older side, they can be difficult to operate. This can make it dangerous for you and others in your home to open and close them. Older windows can also be tough to lock, which can make them a security risk in your home. A burglar might be able to break into your home easier than they would be able to otherwise when you have older windows in it. It’s just one more sign that you need new windows that you shouldn’t ignore.


Are you ready to stop ignoring the signs that show you that you need to have new windows installed? Key Exteriors, Inc. can assist you in putting together plans for an Elkhart, IN window replacement project. Call us today to begin the process of shopping around for new windows.

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