Improve Your Home by Installing Replacement Windows and Doors in Bryan, OH

We often take for granted the important functions that windows and doors provide. They help to shelter us from the weather. They aid in protecting our families and belongings. Windows allow natural light in, and visibility out. Doors provide convenient access in and out of our home. Over time, daily usage, wear and tear, and exposure to the sun and elements will cause windows and doors to breakdown. With so much depending on them, it’s worth taking the time to maintain your home by installing replacement windows and doors in Bryan, OH.

So, what exactly should you look for in a new window or door product? These days the marketplace has so many choices, how can you decide which windows and doors are worth your time and money? The answer is, it depends on what you need and want. Here at Key Exteriors, Inc., our industry specialists can guide you to find those products that will best serve your purposes. But for now, keep these points in mind as you do your research:

1. Energy Efficiency

The window and door industry has continued to advance in energy efficiency over the years. Functional improvements have occurred in design, materials, and fabrication techniques. This progress has brought homeowners several benefits, such as:

  • Energy savings and lower monthly utility bills
  • Improved climate consistency
  • Less wear and tear on heating and air conditioning units
  • Reduced impact of ambient temperature

To maximize these benefits, homeowners looking for replacement windows and doors in Bryan, OH should buy Energy Star rated products. The Energy Star program was created in the early 1990s to help conserve energy and to protect our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in an energy-hungry world. Windows and doors can be tested for compliance with the lofty efficiency standards established by the energy star program. Those products that meet these standards are given the Energy Star label. This blue energy star insignia is quickly identifiable during the shopping experience, letting consumers know the quality status of the product.

2. Price and Quality Concerns

Products in the industry are available at varying points of quality and price. If your budget is more limited than you’d like, you might be tempted to focus your shopping efforts only on lower-priced products. We all want to save money, but this is more likely to result in a cheap quality product. Particularly in this business, price is not a good way to shop.

Certainly, price is important. But remember, “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a good price.” If needed, there are always reasonable options to finance your purchase so that you can get the windows and door products that will provide the maximum benefit for your dollars spent.

3. Get the Installation Right

Sometimes homeowners want to manage cost by separately hiring a general contractor to handle the installation of their new windows and doors. That’s not necessarily a problem. If you choose to take this course of action, make sure you hire a contractor who is specially trained or certified to do the installation for your chosen windows and doors. Installation of higher-end products has become quite technical. If poorly installed, you will not experience the full benefit of quality, efficiency, and function that your new window and door products are designed to provide.

4. Warranty Concerns

Sometimes, warranty “gotchas” are written into the fine print. Be sure you understand the manufacturer’s warranty offering for any products you buy. Ask questions to learn if a separate warranty is required to cover the installation.

5. Customized Replacement Windows and Doors in Bryan, OH

If you’re looking for more creative control over the look and performance of your new windows or doors, the industry provides customers with the ability to customize. With a full custom job, you can add your own signature look to your home. In neighborhoods where many homes look alike, this will add aesthetics and curb appeal.

Windows and doors can be customized to control for the overall design, style, material preferences, quality of glass, insulation value, size, shape. Although it does cost a bit more to customize your windows and doors, it’s never been more affordable to do that now. If you’re interested in this possibility, our friendly experts can help to guide you through the options and help you create windows and doors that you’ll love, without sacrificing on quality or efficiency.

No Cost Consultation

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