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Key Exteriors, Inc. is your supreme replacement windows and door contractor in Lima, OH serving high-quality products and services for exterior home improvement projects such energy-efficient vinyl, wood, and fiberglass replacement windows; vinyl, fiber cement, and insulated siding; asphalt and metal roofing; and more. We serve integrity, exceptional products, world-class customer service, and expert installation to our customers since 2003. Our exclusive product lines have provided enhanced benefits to thousands of homeowners in Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio. All of our craftsmen are long-term, highly skilled and trained professionals. Key Exteriors is a certified and licensed company to install some of the top brands like GAF, EPA, CertainTeed, Ply Gem and more. Call (260) 492-8062 today for a free consultation and estimate.

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As homeowners in Lima Ohio, we use our doors and windows constantly. We enjoy sunlight shining through our windows, and look out to see what is beyond our walls. We walk out our doors into the open world, locking them behind us to protect our belongings from weather and would-be thieves. With so much depending on their daily function, it’s a wonder that we give them such little thought. That is, until they stop working. If you’re starting to have some trouble, it could be time for replacement windows and doors in Lima Ohio

For quite some time now, Key Exteriors, Inc. has been providing homeowners in our community with full-service window and door replacement. Our team of experts is friendly and interested in helping you to find the best replacement products for your home. As part of our services, we offer a free, no pressure consultation right in your own home. There is no obligation to buy anything; it is simply a way for us to connect with potential customers and find out if we can help them with their needs.

As you begin your search for replacement windows and doors in Lima, OH, there are a few things our team recommends you keep in mind before you make a purchase:

Quality Counts

In recent years, the number of window and door product choices has multiplied tenfold. Not all of these choices are made with quality in mind. You can find windows and doors that are cheaply made and cheaply priced, but oddly enough, the opposite is true as well. There are products out there that are poor in quality, but expensive to buy!

So how is an everyday consumer supposed to know what is worth the money? There are a few indicators to look for, including efficiency ratings, material quality, build strength, durability, and overall performance. One of our window and door professionals can help you with the specifics as they relate to your situation.

Efficiency is Paramount

Window and door technologies have progressed in all categories, but energy efficiency is leading the way in importance to consumers. Manufacturers know this and have doubled their marketing enticements by making low-E glass coatings and inert gas filled windows more commonplace. These features are important markers of manufacturers efforts to make more efficient products. Other features have been aimed at improving window frames to increase insulation value, and to utilize advanced materials in frame and glass fabrication.

As a consumer, the best products will be marked with a blue Energy Star logo. This logo signifies that a product meets the federal government’s Energy Star efficiency standards. Started in the early ’90s, the Energy Star program encourages manufacturers to build products that save energy. Consumers benefit from these higher efficiency products by saving money on their utility bills, and by reducing their carbon footprint on the environment.

Hire the Right Installer

A high-quality window or door needs a high-quality installation. Without it, your new product may not perform at its full potential. Some homeowners want to save some money by hiring a cut-rate installer, thinking that they are all the same. In years past, that may have been true. Any contractor with some experience and common sense could figure out how to hang a door or window.

However, today’s windows and doors require more technical installation knowledge. That’s why it’s essential to hire a contractor that is trained and qualified to install your new replacement windows and doors. If you’re not sure who to hire for the job, we can help. In fact, installation is also a part of our service offering for customers that request our help. Our install team is highly trained and experienced with all of the products we carry.

Warranty Watch

Every manufacturer focused on building quality products will offer a warranty on their doors and windows. That said, you need to pay attention to the fine print. While the products themselves may be covered for some time, the installation may not be covered by the manufacturer.

In this case, be sure to ask the company where you are purchasing your windows if they provide installation warranty coverage. If you hire an independent installation contractor, this is also an important question to ask before you hire them. Hiring a qualified installer can help you avoid warranty issues if something goes wrong with your window and door in the future.

Consult with a Pro About Replacement Windows and Doors in Lima, OH for Your Home

Whether you’re ready to move forward or still considering your options, it’s a smart choice to talk with an industry professional about your home improvement needs. Our team is here to answer your questions and provide insight and guidance for your specific situation. When the time is right for a conversation about replacement windows and doors in Lima, OH, come and visit us here at Key Exteriors, Inc. Our showroom address is 821 W Coliseum Blvd #1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808. Call us to get started now at (260) 492-8062.