Should You Paint Old Windows or Buy Replacement Windows?

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Do the old windows that you have in your home right now look awful? If they do, you might be thinking about sticking a new coat of paint on them to try and bring them back to life. This might work if your old windows aren’t that old at the moment. But there is also a good chance that you’re going to benefit more from buying replacement windows in Elkhart, IN as opposed to simply painting over your old ones. Here are several reasons why buying replacement windows will be a better option than painting your existing windows.


A fresh coat of paint might not do much to improve the appearance of your old windows.

There are some types of windows that are going to look great when you’re done painting them. Wood windows, for example, usually respond well to a fresh coat of paint. But there are other types of windows, like vinyl and fiberglass windows, that might not take to paint too kindly. They might actually look worse once you’re finished with them. It’s the top reason to consider going with the new Elkhart, IN windows instead. You’ll know that they’re going to


It’s also not going to make your windows more energy-efficient than they are now.

Just because you slap some new paint on your old windows doesn’t mean that they’re suddenly going to perform like new windows. Yes, they might look better than they did before. But if your old windows allow air to leak in and out of your home, paint isn’t going to do anything to help you with that problem. If your goal is to make your windows more energy-efficient, the only way you’ll be able to do it is by purchasing replacement windows.


It’s not going to make your windows safer or more secure, either.

Outside of the fact that they always look that nice and aren’t energy-efficient, many older windows are also not safe and don’t make a home secure. Since older windows tend to be difficult to open and close and don’t always lock right, they’re not considered to be as safe and secure as new windows. Putting paint onto old windows isn’t going to do anything for you in these departments. You’re going to have to buy new windows for your home if safety and security are some of your biggest concerns when it comes to your home’s windows.

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And you could end up wasting a bunch of money in the end!

In theory, painting your old windows rather than putting replacement windows into place might seem like it would save you a bunch of money. But if you spend a ton of time and money painting your windows and don’t like the way they look in the end, it’ll all be for naught. You’ll actually waste time and money on them and still have to spend additional money on new windows. So, why not just buy new windows from the very beginning instead of trying to salvage your old windows with a few cans of paint? It’ll be the best long-term decision you could make.


If you’d prefer to do Elkhart, IN window replacement in your home as opposed to trying to paint your old windows, Key Exteriors, Inc. can lend a helping hand. We’ll provide you with new windows and help put them into place for you. Reach out to us now to get started.

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