Mike and Lesa Zeedyk

We had a home visit from Key Exteriors during the fall and were asked what we needed to do to improve our home, without hesitating we told him a new roof. The roof had been leaking into our son’s bedroom and ruined his ceiling. We decided to refinance our home to include the new roof in October. We started the long drawn out financing process, and hit a few snags along the way. The bank wanted the roof done before the appraisal, but we were afraid that if we want ahead with the roof and the loan fell through, how were we going to pay Key Exteriors? When we were finally reassured by the bank the loan was approved, we started the process of getting the new roof done, in the middle of December, between snow storms. The owner, Bill Kesterke, was wonderful and very patient during the whole process. He had his crew start our roof before we had the check in our hands. How many business owners would do that for their customers? Along with the roof we also had to have the ceiling repaired in our son’s room. Unable to pay them up front for the ceiling repair, Bill included it in with the balance owed to them over a 12 month period.

Mike and I want to thank, Bill, Will, David, Melissa and the roofing crew for doing such a wonderful job on our house. Everyone was so helpful, patient and a pleasure to work with. We will recommend to friends and family Key Exteriors for any home improvements.

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