Mark and Jan C.

Dear bill,

We are writing to personally thank you for the outstanding service you and key exteriors have delivered and to offer an open letter of recommendation to others considering doing work with your firm.

The last year or so. Has replaced both are single and flat roofs, repaired gutters, painted are home, replaced for garage windows and performed other repairs. In each case our options, costs and benefits were clearly explained to us and the process contain no quote high pressure in quote sales tactics. When Crews arrived to do the work they were professional, friendly and respectful to our property and pads. They arrived on time, did the work they promised a noise left the site clean. They took time to answer my questions.

On several occasions additional problems were discovered open parentheses e. G. Chimney needed exterior repair and an unexpected layer of roofing needed removed close parentheses and in many cases were resolved at no additional charge to us. Fortunately, given the range of skills on your cruise, we did note need to engage additional contractors to solve the problem or keep the original worked on schedule.

Importantly, you are careful to always inspect the work of your cruise and have taken prompt action to address any questions or issues we had.

Bill, you and every member of your crew are a real pleasure to work with. We cannot say that of many other contractors. Clearly you are focused on solving the homeowners problems open parentheses not just completing a task close parentheses and look to build relationships.

We have spent considerable money with Key Exteriors and plan to spend more in the future I am pleased to say, have gotten our money’s worth! As such we are happy to speak with anyone considering using your services for the first time on a significant job. They can reach us by telephone or email is listed below


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