3 Reasons Why Your Roofing Contractors Need to Have Insurance

Before you agree to work with roofing companies in Fort Wayne, there are a series of questions that you should ask them. You should ask about how much experience they have when it comes to working on residential roofs. You should also ask about what kinds of roofs that they have to offer to homeowners. You should even ask if they can provide you with some references from customers they’ve worked with over the last few months.  

But there is one question that you 100 percent need to ask to roofing contractors. That question is: “Do you have insurance?” And their answer should always be, “Yes.” Roofing contractors should be armed with both workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance. Here are 3 reasons why your roofing contractors need to have these types of insurance.  

It’ll protect you in the event that a roofer is injured while working on your home. roofing contractors in Fort Wayne IN 3

Roofers have an inherently dangerous job. Between climbing up and down ladders all day and walking around on steep roofs, there is almost always a chance that they can get hurt on the job. If a roofer is injured while working on your roof and their employer doesn’t have insurance, they could potentially go after you in court and force you to pay their medical bills. Your own homeowners insurance company will likely not cover accidents involving roofers, so you could end up being on the hook for the costs associated with the roofer’s injuries.  

It’ll protect you from any damage that is done to your roof by the roofing contractors. 

Let’s say you have roofing contractors installing a new roof for you when something suddenly goes wrong. Your roof ends up with a huge hole in it or collapses and falls into your home. If the roofing contractors that you hired have liability insurance, their policy will likely cover the costs associated with repairing your roof. But if they don’t? You might have no choice but to pay for the repairs that need to be made to your roof on your own.  

It’ll ensure that your roofing contractors are part of a reputable company that doesn’t cut corners. 

At the end of the day, you want to know that you have a reputable company working on your home’s roof. And reputable companies do not do any work without having insurance. They know about the potential pitfalls that come along with working without insurance, and they’re willing to pay for insurance to make sure they don’t ever have to deal with them. So if you ever come across a company that wants to work on your home without insurance, run. They’re up to no good and won’t deliver great service to you.  

When you call on Key Exteriors, Inc. for a new roof, our Fort Wayne, IN roofers will always be covered by our insurance policy. You won’t have to worry about paying a dime if something happens to go wrong during your roof installation. Contact us at (260) 492-8062 today or meet with us at 821 W Coliseum Blvd #1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808 to hear more about obtaining a roof for your home.

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