4 Reasons You Might Need to Hire Roofing Contractors This Winter

You can obviously experience problems with your home’s roof at any time of the year. Regardless of whether it’s the dog days of summer or the dead of winter, there is always a chance you’re going to need to call on roofing contractors in Fort Wayne, IN to come and check out your roof.  

But it’s especially important to get in touch with roofers in the winter if you experience any issues. If your roof is compromised in even the slightest way, it could lead to a potential disaster once snow starts falling and the winter begins to have its way with it. Here are 4 reasons why you might need to hire roofing contractors this winter.  

Roofing Contractors Fort Wayne IN

Your roof is leaking. 

Do you have water coming into your home as a result of rain or snow sitting on top of your roof? This obviously one of the worst problems that you can encounter as a homeowner. You could have a huge problem on your hands if you don’t call Fort Wayne, IN roofers right away. In some cases, roofing contractors can fix a leaky roof and plug it up so that water stops coming into your home. But in more serious situations, you could end up needing a whole new roof.  

Your roof is missing shingles. 

The winter winds can do some serious damage to your roof once the temperature drops. If the winds are strong enough, they can blow some of your shingles right off your roof. If you look up one day and see that some of your shingles are missing, this is obviously not a good sign at all. You’re going to need to reach out to roofers and have them replace the shingles. That will prevent moisture from working its way deep down into your roof.  

Your roof is sagging. 

If your roof is sagging at the start of the winter, it’s only going to get worse once it has snow sitting on top of it. That snow is going to make it sag more and could eventually cause your entire roof to collapse right into your home. If the problem is bad enough, most roofing contractors will encourage you to replace your roof to prevent this from happening. But whatever the case, you shouldn’t ignore your roof if it’s starting to sag.  

Your roof is causing ice dams to form. 

Icicles look so pretty when they’re hanging down from your roof. But don’t let their looks fool you! Icicles are a sign of ice dams forming. Ice dams are often caused by a lack of insulation up in your attic space. But they might also be a sign of a problem with your roof or even your gutters. Either way, it’s always a good idea to have your roof checked out whenever you start to see ice dams forming around the edges of it. You should try to stop them from building up at all costs.  

If you notice something wrong with your roof this winter, don’t try to hold out until the spring to get it looked at. Let a Fort Wayne, IN roofing company come and check it out for you and show you what you need to fix. Call Key Exteriors, Inc. at (260) 492-8062 today to schedule a roof consultation or come see us at 821 W Coliseum Blvd. #1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808 to talk more about your problem. 

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