5 Ways You Can Tell Roofing Contractors Aren’t Reputable

Fort Wayne, IN roofing companyAny time you do any work on your roof, it’s extremely important for you to work with a reputable roofing company. They should be prepared to provide you with roofing contractors in Fort Wayne, IN who have the experience and expertise it takes to get your roof project done right. Whether you’re repairing your roof or replacing it altogether, you need a trusted roofing team by your side to get the job finished.  

While most roofing contractors will prove to be reputable, there are plenty of shady roofing contractors out there who will do more harm than good when they work on your roof. You want to stay away from working with them at all costs. Check out 5 ways you can tell roofing contractors aren’t reputable below.  

They haven’t been in business very long. 

Everyone has to start somewhere. So if you find a Fort Wayne, IN roofing company that has only been around for a year or two, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not reputable. But you should, at the very least, be wary about working with a roofing company that just started doing business. There’s really no telling what kind of work they do or how experienced they actually are when it comes to working on roofs.  

They only show up in the aftermath of a storm. 

So-called “storm chasers” have become a big problem for many homeowners. They show up in cities in the aftermath of bad storms and promise to repair and replace roofs for people…only to take their money and then turn up missing when it’s time to get to work. If you’re ever approached by a roofing company that doesn’t have an office in your city, it should be a cause for concern.  

They aren’t registered with the Better Business Bureau. 

Any reputable roofer will be registered with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is designed to help homeowners find roofers they can trust. theatreartlife.com They hand out grades to roofers based on the total number of customer complaints they have received in the past. By registering with the BBB, a roofing company is showing that it’s committed to keeping its customers happy.  

They don’t have business insurance. 

You should never, ever work with a roofing company that can’t provide you with proof of insurance. If a roofer were to get injured while working on your roof or do damage to your roof while repairing it, you could be on the hook for it if they don’t have insurance. Run and run fast if you ever find yourself working with a roofing company that is uninsured.  

They can’t show you examples of their past work. 

Before you agree to work with a roofing company, they should be able to show you photos of some of the roofing jobs they’ve done over the years. Before and after photos will illustrate the kind of work you can expect from roofers. If roofers don’t have anything to show you, it might mean they haven’t done much roofing work before. You’re much better off finding a roofing company with before and after photos for you to look at.  

Rather than risk working with Fort Wayne, IN roofers that aren’t reputable, allow Key Exteriors, Inc. to handle your next roofing job. Reach out to us at (260) 492-8062 today to arrange a roofing consultation or stop by 821 W Coliseum Blvd. #1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808 to see some of our past roofing work. 

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