7 Common Fort Wayne Roofing Problems

Your roof is the primary line of protection in your home. It keeps you dry all year long unless you have problems that need to be repaired. It is essential that you inspect your roof on a regular basis to identify areas of concern. These problems should be handled quickly before you experience damage to your roof and inside your home. Look out for these common roofing issues in your home.

  • Leaks: This is the most common cause of roofing problems. The weather elements can cause water to get under your shingles, creating damage that can affect the structure of your home. You may notice water stains on your ceilings, which is a sign that there is a water leakage problem with your roof. Contact a professional for help with the issue right away.
  • Tree damage: Trees that hang over your roofing can cause premature wear. They remove the protective layer of the shingles and repairs are needed to prevent leaks inside your home. Keep trees cut back away from your roof and watch for limbs that could fall on your roof, creating additional problems.
  • Holes: When you have holes or punctures in your shingles, it allows moisture to get beneath your Fort Wayne roofing. This causes rotting and can ruin the structure of your home. Have these shingles replaced to ensure the integrity of your house.
  • Missing flashing: If you are missing parts of flashing on your roofing, this can create leak points around your home. Improper installation can also cause your shingles to break away, leaving your home unprotected. Have a professional roofing company replace your flashing to ensure protection all year long.
  • Rodent infestation: When critters make your roofing their new home, it can cause a surprising amount of damage to your home. These animals need to be evicted quickly, and repairs need to be made to your roof to ensure they don’t come back.
  • Improper ventilation: You want your roofing to have proper ventilation. This allows the warm air to escape upwards out of your attic. Without the proper ventilation, your rafters, insulation, and shingles can be affected. It can also raise your energy costs within your home as it causes poor temperature regulation throughout.
  • Faulty maintenance: When you fail to keep up with the maintenance of your roof, small problems can become major issues. Not only are they costly to fix, but they can also create additional damage inside your Don’t put your family’s safety at risk. Have regular roof inspections.

Take some time to examine your roof for these common roofing problems. Having repair early can save you money on costly repairs down the road. When you need repairs to your roof, you can count on Key Exteriors, Inc. We have been installing, repairing, and maintaining roofs since 2003. Call us today at 260-492-8062 or visit our website for more information at www.keyexteriors.com.

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