Choosing Window Styles for Your Home

replacement windows in Goshen, INWindows are an integral part of our homes. They are an important part of the structure of the house, they let in natural light, and they can be opened to allow fresh air to enter the home as well. There are many different styles of windows, each of which is best suited for particular spaces. Some of these differ more in functionality, while others are more design and appearance-based. Here are some options for styles of replacement windows in Goshen, IN.

Single and Double-Hung Windows. Single-hung windows are typically the most affordable style, but they are arguably the most basic, as well. They are made with two panes hung vertically, with the bottom pane able to be opened and shut, while the top one is stationary. Double-hung windows are similar in appearance, but both panes can be moved up and down. Typically, in double-hung windows the panes can also be swung inward, to allow for easier washing and cleaning.

Casement and Awning Windows. These types of windows have hinges on one side and can be opened either horizontally or vertically, depending on their design. They offer large, unobstructed views of the outside, and can provide an exceptional source of airflow when opened. Casement windows can be excellent options for either shorter and wider spaces, or vertical spaces as well. Awning windows are often used in smaller areas that are close to the ceiling or roof line.

Bay Windows and Picture Windows. Picture windows are large windows that take up most of a wall and often reach from the ceiling to near the floor. These are designed to provide a largely unobstructed view of the outdoor surroundings, and they provide ample natural light. Bay windows are also large windows that take up most of a wall, but they are built to actually jut out from the side of the house. Inside, this can provide a lovely spot for a reading nook or bench. These are often used in living spaces and dining rooms, to create a more spacious atmosphere.

replacement windows in Goshen, INGarden Windows. Garden windows are almost like miniature bay windows, with clear glass sticking out from the side of the house on all sides, top, and bottom. They are often used in kitchen areas, to create a small nook for plants and other growing things to receive lots of sunlight. These can provide a beautiful and decorative touch to your home.

These are just a few examples of window styles that are out there. You can also find arched windows, round windows, bow windows, and other more decorative shapes and styles. If you have the budget to do so, you can greatly customize your home by choosing unique and decorative window styles. If you want to get a better idea of what options are out there, contact your local installer of replacement windows in Goshen, IN. They can tell you about their trusted manufacturers and provide you with catalogs and real-life examples of the different windows they can install. Then you can choose the window styles that fit best within your home. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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