Custom Options That Are Available for Vinyl Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Goshen, IN

If you’ve seen one set of vinyl replacement windows in Goshen, IN, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong! While some people might be under the impression that all vinyl windows look the same, you can actually customize vinyl windows in so many ways to make them look unique. You should learn more about the custom options that you’ll have when buying vinyl replacement windows prior to purchasing them. Here are some of the custom options that should be on your radar.

You can make vinyl windows almost any color on both the inside and outside.

When you close your eyes and picture vinyl windows in your head, you probably imagine them being white. That’s the color that many people choose when buying Goshen, IN vinyl windows. But you should know that you can make the inside and outside of vinyl windows a different color if you want. If there is a specific color that would work great with the design of your home, you can usually decide to go with it.

You can choose how many window grids vinyl windows have.

If you don’t want to incorporate any window grids into new vinyl windows in your home, you don’t have to. But you’ll also have the option of working window grids into the design of your windows. You can have these grids be very big, very small, or someone in between based on your personal preference. Your window replacement company will be able to show you the different options.

You can opt to go with decorative art glass in vinyl windows.

Do you really want to make your home’s new vinyl windows stand out when you put them into place? Then you might want to incorporate some decorative art glass into one or more windows in your home. Installing this glass into all of your windows might be overkill, but you can add a splash of color and culture to your home with decorative art glass.

You can order vinyl windows with built-in blinds.

You’re more than welcome to wait until after you have vinyl windows installed in your home to pick out window blinds or other window treatments for it. But there are some vinyl windows that come with blinds already built into them. They can help you save some money on blinds and give you an opportunity to control your privacy and how much light is able to shine into your home through your new windows.replacement windows in Goshen, IN

You can stick different kinds of screens over the outside of vinyl windows.

One of the last things you’ll want to do when installing vinyl windows in your home is stick screens over the outside of them. You should know that there are several types of screens that you can choose from. This includes pet screens, security screens, and more. They can protect your windows and your home as a whole once they’re installed.

Do you want to find out more about the custom options that are available to those installing vinyl windows in their homes? Key Exteriors, Inc. is the Goshen, IN window replacement company you can trust to break them down for you. Contact us now to get more information on our vinyl windows.

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