Steven H.

To whom it may concern:

I had a roofing contractor put a roof on my house in 2006. Shortly after the new roof was replaced, I’ve been experiencing problems with the roof. The roof leaked and circle places, most of which the contractor corrected, with the exception of an area where we had skylights. After a period of close to two years and after numerous attempts by the original contractor the problem, I hired key exteriors to take care of the issues.

In contrast to the contractor I originally hired, key exteriors was at all times professional, the work was prompt, and the charges did not exceed what was quoted. The repair work was performed within a matter of days after key exteriors was hired. Key exteriors also cleaned up my yard and work site impeccably.

Since doing the job, key exteriors has followed up with me to ensure that I am happy with the work and am not continuing to have problems. I would highly recommend key exteriors for any service which is performs.

Very truly yours,

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