Top Reasons to Install New Screens Over Replacement Windows

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If you’re going to go through the trouble of installing replacement windows in Goshen, IN, you should also consider installing new screens to go along with them. When you put new screens into place over your replacement windows, they’ll provide you with lots of benefits and prove to be well worth it over time. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the top reasons to install new screens over replacement windows. Check them out below as you think about investing in them for your home.

They’ll keep your replacement windows clean.

As soon as you have new Goshen, IN windows installed in your home, they’re going to get attacked by dirt, dust, leaves, and lots of other kinds of debris. It’s going to be pretty much impossible for you to keep all of these things away from your windows. But you should be able to stop most of them in their tracks by installing new screens. The screens will stop things like leaves from coming into contact with your windows and making them look worse for wear.

They’ll stop your replacement windows from getting broken.

In addition to keeping your windows clean, new screens can also be used to stop the glass in your windows from getting broken. All that it’s going to take is one errant baseball to put a hole in your window and force you to repair or even replace it. Screens obviously aren’t going to be able to stop everything from getting to your windows. But they should be able to stop most things from doing damage to them. It’s yet another reason why you should think about strategically positioning screens throughout your house.

They’ll prevent insects, birds, and animals from getting into your home.

When you open up some of the windows in your home, you’re going to be giving insects, birds, and animals an easy way to get in if you don’t have any screens over your windows. It’ll be so simple for, say, a bird to fly right into your home and get stuck in it. And this could cause some major issues for you if you aren’t able to get it out. You can prevent insects, birds, and animals from entering your home in the first place by installing screens over your replacement windows. It’ll give you an opportunity to open your windows up without running the risk of letting anything come in.

replacement windows Goshen, IN

They’ll provide protection for your kids and pets.

Outside of the fact that you’ll have to worry about things coming into your home when you open up windows without screens over them, you’ll also have to be concerned about your kids and pets climbing out of your windows and falling out of them. You’ll be able to keep your kids and pets safe by sticking new screens over your replacement windows. It’ll provide you with peace of mind when you choose to leave your home’s windows open.

Are you interested in installing screens over your windows during the Goshen, IN window replacement process? Key Exteriors, Inc. can discuss this with you. We can also answer any questions that you might have about the process as a whole. Give us a call to speak with a window replacement specialist.

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