Why Double-Hung Windows are Popular

replacement window in Goshen, INDouble-hung windows, a seventeen-century invention, continue to be a popular replacement window in Goshen, IN, among homeowners, despite a growing collection of alternative window styles. We explain why below.

Double-hung windows are timeless

For new and longstanding homeowners, traditional window designs mean historic architecture. This also translates to resilience to potential buyers. Double-hung windows meet both qualities, having been used by generations after generations.

Even better, double-hung windows have mostly remained the same since their invention in the 17th century. Although their material has evolved from wood to vinyl and aluminum, they have maintained the same functionalities that have made them timeless.

They are excellent for ventilation

Speaking of functionality, double-hung windows are excellent at delivering one of the core purposes of a window: ventilation. Both operable sashes allow you to control the direction of airflow, giving more flexibility to users.

Don’t want air flowing from below? You can close the lower sash, open the upper sash, and vice versa. And if you want a bit of both to create a circulating effect, it’s possible too. This enables cool, fresh air to enter via the bottom while warm air escapes from the top.

Double-hung windows are versatile

In a world where homes come in different shapes and structures, double-hung’s versatility is a key advantage that makes it an enduring and popular window style. It fits anywhere

Double-hung windows work well in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. It’s not just about design fit, either. They are available in different sizes and can be installed in most places, regardless of available space.

They also suit Victorian, Cape Cod, Colonial, Tudor, and other home styles. Even if you lack interior design sensibilities, you can’t go wrong choosing double-hung windows for your home.

They are easy to clean

Maintenance is vital to get the most out of replacement windows, and double-hung windows are among the most convenient windows to maintain.

There’s no need for special skills or equipment, and you can clean the interior and exterior sides from inside the house. Double-hung windows have tilt-out sashes that allow you to clean stress-free.

No need to clear out an entire weekend to keep your windows clean. A quick wash-and-wipe from indoors will ensure your double-hung windows last for years.

replacement windows in Goshen, INHighly functional window style

In many other window styles, functionality comes with tradeoffs. For example, the expansive view offered by a picture window means giving up on ventilation since the sash is fixed. This is not the case for double-hung windows.

You don’t have to sacrifice ventilation for aesthetics or unobstructed view. Double-hung windows are also energy efficient and safe, with an interlocking system that keeps the sashes tight.

With double-hung windows, you get the most out of all possible functionalities of a window. And because they’re popular, they are available at an affordable price.

In summary, double-hung windows are one of the best window styles you can get as replacement windows in Goshen, IN. Ready to buy? Call us now for a free in-home estimate or virtual consultation. We are here to serve.

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