5 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Roofing Contractors

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Roofing Contractors

Is it finally time to replace the roof on your home? Before you do, take the time to choose the right roofing contractors in Fort Wayne, IN. There are lots of contractors to choose from, but not all of them are equipped to get the job done.  

There are some mistakes homeowners tend to make time and time again when looking around for roofing contractors to do roof replacement for them. Check out 5 of the most common mistakes people make—and avoid making them yourself at all costs.  

Picking roofing contractors that aren’t experienced. 

Putting a new roof on a home is not easy. It takes years and years to master the skills that are necessary to do it. It’s why you should never hire roofers that haven’t been in the roofing business for very long. While they don’t necessarily need to have 30 years of experience, your roof shouldn’t be the first one they’re putting on.  

Failing to read reviews about roofing contractors before hiring them. 

The internet is a powerful tool that all homeowners should use before bringing a company on board to install a roof. Prior to hiring roofers to put on a roof for you, read online reviews for them to see what they’re all about. You could very easily find that they’ve done substandard work in the past through a simple Google search. 

Choosing to work with roofing contractors that don’t have insurance. 

When installing a new roof on your home, you need to work with a company that has insurance. Otherwise, you could be left with a big bill if your home is damaged during roof installation or, worse, if someone is injured when your roof is going on. Check for proof of insurance before you begin working with a roofing company.  

Selecting the roofing contractors that offer the cheapest price. 

Installing a roof on your home can be expensive. So no one will blame you for trying to get a good deal on roof installation. But with that being said, you shouldn’t simply choose the roofers who offer to install your roof for the cheapest price. They might be offering you such a great deal because they plan to use crappy roofing materials and aren’t going to take their time when finishing your job.  

Forgetting to ask roofing contractors about a warranty. 

The roof that goes on your home should be covered by some kind of warranty. At the very least, roofing contractors should agree to come back to your home after installing your roof is something doesn’t look right. If a company is hesitant to offer you a warranty, it means they’re not willing to stand behind their work. And that’s a big no-no in the roofing industry.  

The biggest mistake you could make when you need to put a new roof on your home is not calling a company like Key Exteriors, Inc. for a quote. We can handle your new roof installation in Fort Wayne, IN and make sure it looks great when it’s finished. Call us at (260) 492-8062 to schedule a consultation or visit us at 821 W Coliseum Blvd #1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808 for more information. 

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