Is It Finally Time to Install Replacement Windows in Your Home?

 replacement windows in Fort Wayne, IN

The windows in your home are, unfortunately, not going to last forever. In fact, most older windows are already well past their expiration date and need to be torn out to make way for replacement windows in Fort Wayne, IN right away. Otherwise, it could have a negative impact on your home as a whole.  

How do you know when it’s finally time to give in and replace old windows? There are a few signs that will let you know that replacement windows are in your near future. Check them out below.  

Your old windows are bringing down your curb appeal. 

Do you cringe each and every time you pull up in front of your house? Your old windows could be to blame. Windows are one of the first things many people notice when they pull up in front of a home. And if the windows on a home are in bad shape, it’s going to affect the curb appeal of it. Consider what a difference replacement windows could make as far as the appearance of your house goes.  

They’re making your home too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. 

In addition to looking unsightly, many older windows are also drafty and don’t do much to help keep a home comfortable. You can make your home significantly more energy efficient with replacement windows and bring your energy bills down. You won’t have to worry about air from inside your home leaking out and air from outside sneaking its way in. It’ll really benefit you and help your home feel more comfortable all year round.  

They’re ruining your views. 

If you’ve always enjoyed sitting and looking out your home’s windows and you’re finding it to be less and less enjoyable, it could have everything to do with your old windows. They could be preventing you from checking out the views in peace. Think about how new windows could give you a better view of the world. You might be surprised by how much you’ll enjoy looking out new windows once they’re in place.  

They’re making your home worth less than it should be. 

Are you going to be selling your home anytime soon? Not with those old windows you aren’t. Or at the very least, you’re not going to be getting top dollar for your home if you have old windows in your home. By replacing your old windows with new ones, you can make your home worth more money and get a great return on your window investment. Potential buyers will be blown away by how good your new windows look and how energy efficient they make your home once they’ve been installed.  

Don’t put off replacing windows in Fort Wayne, IN for another day if you’ve noticed any of the signs above. Give Key Exteriors, Inc. a call at (260) 492-8062 or come check out the replacement windows that we have in stock at 821 W Coliseum Blvd #1, Fort Wayne, IN 46808. 

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