Are Your Old Windows Allowing the Sun to Do Damage to Your Home?

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In this day and age, most people look for homes that allow a lot of natural light to shine in throughout the day when they’re hunting around for a new house. It’s become a very important selling feature for them. But what they don’t always realize is that, if a home has older windows in it, all of that sunshine that’s coming into a home could be doing it more harm than good. It’s why people should consider installing replacement windows in Elkhart, IN if they live in a house that gets a ton of natural light day in and day out. Check out some of the ways that the sun can damage a home when it shines into it through older windows.

It can cause carpets, hardwood flooring, and more to fade.

When the sun is allowed to shine into a home all day long through older windows, it’ll usually bring quite a few UV rays with it. These UV rays have been known to cause things on the inside of a home to fade. More often than not, carpets and hardwood flooring beat the brunt of the sun’s UV rays. But these UV rays can also cause everything from furniture to paint to artwork to fade, too. You want to do whatever it takes to put the right Elkhart, IN windows into place to stop this from happening.

It can lead to wooden furniture cracking.

If you expose wooden furniture to sunlight all the time, the sun is going to do more than just cause it to fade. It’s also going to cause the wooden furniture to contract and expand all the time by exposing it to heat. This can eventually result in wooden furniture cracking and breaking down on you sooner than it should. You’re going to be forced to replace it ahead of schedule simply because your home’s old windows aren’t doing their job.

It can increase the temperature in a home too much and force an HVAC system to work too hard.

When you think about the sun doing damage to the inside of your home thanks to your old windows, you probably think about it damaging things in the two ways we just mentioned. But it’s worth noting that it can also harm your home in ways that you might not notice right away. Specifically, the sun and its UV rays can increase the temperature of your home and take a huge toll on your HVAC system. They’ll force this system to turn on more often than it would otherwise and send your energy bills skyrocketing. They’ll also wear out your HVAC system over the years and give you no choice but to replace it.

It can cause harm to those living in a home.

You might love the way that the warm sun feels when it’s hitting your skin while you sit inside your home. But unfortunately, the sun could be damaging your skin if it’s coming into your house through old windows. You could have to seek medical treatment for conditions like skin cancer if you’re not careful about how often you sit in the sun in your home. By installing replacement windows, you can reduce the chances of you ever having to deal with this.

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Would you like to stop your home’s old windows from allowing the sun to do damage to it? Key Exteriors, Inc. can lend a hand by helping you tackle a Elkhart, IN window replacement project. Reach out to us to find out how easy it is to keep the sun’s harmful UV rays out of your home through the use of replacement windows.

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