Can You Paint Fiberglass Windows?

replacement windows in Elkhart, INThere is a lot that makes fiberglass an attractive option for homeowners looking to get replacement windows in Elkhart, IN. It has better insulation and is more durable, beautiful, and has low maintenance.

One notable downside, however, is the limited color offerings. While enjoying rising popularity, fiberglass is still essentially a niche product, which means manufacturers are producing fewer color options.

Milgard, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass windows, only sells them in four colors: black bean, bark, harmony, and frost.

But not all hope is lost. If you love the benefits of fiberglass windows but can’t find the color that matches your needs, there is a solution.

You can paint your fiberglass windows! Here is a guide and tips to help you do that.

How to Paint Fiberglass Windows

Before you start to paint triple or double-pane glass windows, there are a few things to gather:

  • Fine wet sandpaper
  • Epoxy paint
  • Solvents
  • Eye and hand gloves
  • High volume low-pressure spray gun
  • Paint and nose filters
  • Paint stirrers
  • Primer

Next, check the temperature and humidity. The relative humidity should be less than 60%, and the temperature should be between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is necessary to prevent water droplets from getting trapped in the paint, resulting in a dull finish. Also, if water droplets get into the fiberglass, they can delaminate the glass.

Follow these steps once you’ve confirmed the condition is suitable.

Sand the surface

You must first prepare the surface. This is arguably the most crucial part of the process, so be thorough and do not skip it. If the feeling is too greasy or sticky, the paint won’t stick evenly to the window.

Use the fine wet sandpaper to rough up the surface just enough for the paint to have something to stick to.

Apply the primer

The primer will serve as a bond between the finishing paint and the surface of your fiberglass window.

There are no rules. You can apply it heavily on the windows.

Spray paint

Before spraying, wear your nose filter and gloves to avoid inhaling products that may harm your lungs.

Use the stirrer to stir the paint before filling the spray gun. At low pressure, paint the window by moving the spray gun evenly all over the window.

Start from the middle and move slowly to the outer edges. Maintain some distance between the window and the nozzle to achieve a uniform appearance.

Apply the second coat

After applying the first coat, allow the paint to dry. Then do a light, wet-sanding surface cleaning before applying the second coat.

replacement windows in Elkhart, INDoing this will ensure the layers are not too thick, prevent drips and smoothen out uneven areas. Then apply the second coat.

You can apply multiple coatings of paint to give the windows a smooth finish; when you are done, clean excess paint on the areas outside the window with a solvent and rag cloth.

That’s it! Follow these steps, and you can transform your fiberglass windows into whatever you look you want.

But the journey to your desired look starts with proper installation. We do this, and we’ve been proudly serving our community since 2003. We are here for you if you want to install replacement windows in Elkhart, IN or know more about wood windows. Visit us, or call us for a virtual free consultation today.

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