How to Properly Clean and Maintain your Wood Windows

replacement windows in Goshen, INWood windows are gorgeous, but their beauty comes with a significant downside: they need regular and proper maintenance. Regardless, it is still a popular choice for replacement windows in Elkhart, IN.

If you own wood windows, this is a list of cleaning and maintenance actions to make them last.

Some are required more regularly than others, but doing all ensures you get the maximum value out of your costly investment.

Remove Loose Dust

Use a soft, dry cloth to remove loose dust and dirt about twice a month.

Why do this? It will help keep your windows clean and make the rest of the maintenance process more efficient.

And on days you don’t run the gamut of maintenance, you still end up with a neat-looking window.

Look for Damage

Early detection is key to maintaining your wood windows, and it is easy to do while you are removing dust.

When dusting off the frames, look for cracks, peeling, or mold growth. Also, look for spots where the wood finish may have come off. Without the finish, the natural wood is exposed and vulnerable to damage.

By detecting it early, you get to reapply the finish as soon as possible.

Wash the Frame

It doesn’t require elaborate cleaning products. All you need is a mild detergent, soft cloth or sponge, and warm water.

To wash the frame, soak the cloth (or sponge) in warm water. Squeeze most of the water out until the fabric is damp. You want to prevent dirty, soapy water from running down the frames and into the window sill.

Regularly rinse and wring out the cloth and replace the water once it gets dirty.

After washing a frame, remove soap residue by wiping it with a clean, damp cloth. Then use a dry cloth to remove leftover moisture.

The residue shouldn’t dry up on the window. That is why you should wipe once you finish washing.

Wipe the Glass

You could use a generic glass cleaner or create your own by mixing vinegar and water.

Once you have your solution, spray the glass and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth or newspaper for fiberglass windows.

When the glass is dry, polish it with a dry cloth to remove streaks.

Repeat this process once or twice a month to keep your wood windows clean.

How to Treat the Wood

During cleaning, you might discover parts of the window frame that need refinishing. Do this as soon as possible.

To treat the wood, use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth the affected areas. Get wood filler to fill cracks or low spots and polish the surface with a putty knife. Then let this area(s) dry overnight.

(A scraper might work in the absence of a putty knife, but the latter is always preferable)

replacement windows in Goshen, INBefore applying the refinish, make sure you use the right finish – an outdoor latex or oil-based enamel paint. You could try a semi-transparent stain if you want a natural look.

Besides these, you risk causing lasting damage to the wood. Some paints block the sun and trap moisture inside, leading to decay.

Once you have the right finish, apply one thin coat and allow it to dry for two hours. Then apply the second coat.

You only need to do these every two to three years, and you can enjoy your wood windows for at least 30 years.

For additional questions about your wood replacement windows in Goshen, IN, or want to have them installed, we are here for you. Contact us, visit our location, or schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our professionals today.

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