How a Virtual Consultation for Replacement Windows Works

replacement windows in Goshen, IN

If you were interested in purchasing replacement windows in Elkhart, IN a year ago, you would have invited a window replacement company to come out to your home for a consultation. You still have the option to do that if you want. But thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, there are a lot of people who are apprehensive about the idea of welcoming window replacement companies into their homes. So you now also have the option of scheduling a virtual consultation instead. Here is what you can expect to take place during a virtual consultation when you set one up.


A window replacement company representative will reach out to you virtually.

The first thing that an Elkhart, IN window replacement company will obviously do when you arrange to have a virtual consultation has a representative reach out to you in a virtual sense. They’ll use which technology you like best to connect with you online. More often than not, they’ll try to do a video call with you so that you can see them and the windows that they have to offer. They’ll attempt to make your conversation with them feel as natural as it can while you’re speaking with them.


They’ll speak with you about what kind of windows you want.

Once you connect with a window replacement company representative virtually, they’ll kick off your conversation by talking to you about what kind of windows you want to install in your home. Or if you’re not sure what kind of windows you want, they’ll walk you through all your different options and show you some windows that might work well in your home based on your needs. Their goal will be to help you track down the right windows for your specific home during your initial conversation with them.


They’ll ask you some questions about your home and the windows in it.

Under normal circumstances, a window replacement company representative would walk around in your home during your in-person consultation and count the number of windows that you have. They would also take measurements of them and make a note of any windows that might need to be custom-made for you. They won’t be able to do this virtually, but they will be able to ask you some basic questions about your windows. It’ll provide them with the information they need to put together a quote for replacement windows for you.

replacement windows in Elkhart, IN

They’ll provide you with an estimate for how much replacement windows will cost.

After your window replacement company representative has done everything else that we’ve mentioned here, they’ll be ready to provide you with an estimate for replacement windows. They should be able to email an estimate to you within just a day or two so that you can decide whether or not you want to proceed with window replacement. It’s an easy process that will play out without you ever having to leave your home or invite anyone into it.


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