How to Maintain Your Double-Hung Windows

replacement windows for your Goshen, INIf you’ve recently installed double-hung replacement windows for your Goshen, IN home, maintenance is key to getting the most value for your investment.

Despite their advantages as a window style, double-hung windows are high maintenance, posing a challenge for homeowners. But it doesn’t have to be, especially if you follow these tips.

Inspect and Clean Twice a Year

To reduce high maintenance costs and stress, clean the windows twice a year, preferably every fall and spring. The weather is clear and more comfortable, allowing you to inspect the windows for problems.

The winter season is when windows experience the most wear and tear. Inspecting before and after the season allows you to know the true state of the windows.

You set up a rolling schedule for this or contract trained professionals to do it for you.

Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals

An advantage of double-hung windows is it’s easy to clean the glass exterior from inside the house. There’s no need for a ladder or going outside the house because the window sashes tilt in. But this advantage is only valuable if you clean the glass with the proper chemicals.

Like ammonia-free cleaners like Windex, or better yet, homemade cleaners consisting of white vinegar and water at a 30 to 70 ratio. A mixture of 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of water, and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar also work.

When you want to clean, spray the cleaning solution onto the glass and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth or a paper towel.

Additionally, do not use high-pressure water to clean the glass. It can break the glass and send shards flying across your home. Pressure washing the glass can also damage the sealants or caulking.

Use the appropriate cleaning routine for the frame material

Double-hung windows come in different frame materials, mostly vinyl and wood. Both materials have separate cleaning routines. For instance, vinyl frames are sensitive to liquid-based grease removers, furniture polish removers, or cleaners that contain chlorine bleach.

You can also clean them with a lot of water, while the opposite is true for wood windows. When cleaning wood frames, avoid using excessive water as it can lead to decay.

The potential of rot in wood frames also means regular inspecting twice a year. Use a metal rod to look for softened wood, which signifies moisture permeated the material. This is especially important after winter when determining how much the season has compromised your windows.

replacement windows for your Goshen, INFix damages immediately

Whatever defect you discover, don’t hesitate to fix it. Quickly attend to cracks, splinters, holes, or any structural damage you notice.

The efficiency of double-hung windows highly depends on the sashes, and any compromise to one affects the effectiveness of the other. Fixing the issue immediately prevents it from metastasizing into a bigger problem that forces you to replace the entire window.

Following these tips protects your investment in the short and long term, but proper maintenance starts by installing them correctly.

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