4 Advantages of Black Window Frames

replacement windows for your Elkhart, INGetting replacement windows for your Elkhart, IN home will improve its curb appeal. And while any frame color will deliver this effect, none of them do so as much as black frames.

They are a dramatic design feature that creates high contrast look, giving it a distinct character that separates your home from the block. But that’s one of several reasons black window frames have grown popular among homeowners in recent years. Here are others.

Black windows are timeless

Black windows may be the preferred color of choice right now, but they are not a fad. In fact, they have been around since the 1900s, in factories and warehouses, back when windows were made with steel material.

Yet, their allure remains the same today as it did centuries ago. No matter the house style or exterior setting, black frames enhance the view. They look good on modern houses and industrial-era structures with exposed bricks.

They are versatile and highly compatible

The key benefit of black replacement windows is they work anywhere. Black windows are highly customizable, allowing you to create something unique to yourself, even if everyone is using the color.

As mentioned, they work well with any house style, contemporary or traditional. Or whether your home is Victorian, Colonial, or Cape Cod. Black is a forgiving color and pairs well with different designs and spaces.

Black windows look good as living room windows as much as they do as kitchen or bedroom windows.

This also applies whether you want to keep a consistent look throughout the house or mix your colors. Black window frames look great and work perfectly with dark-colored and light-colored walls.

No need for window treatments

Getting black windows can also save you money on window treatments because they are not necessarily. Black windows are one of the few window designs that look gorgeous without window coverings—no need for blinds, shutters, or shades.

Beyond the fact they’re aesthetically pleasing, they also have an enhanced view effect. Without treatments blocking the way, black windows create an optical illusion that creates a framed look of the outdoors.

Looking through black windows, it feels like the dark frame of the ashes melts away, connecting your eyes to the outside scenery. It’s a sophisticated effect that gives your interior a fresh, modern look and allows more natural light into your home.

replacement windows for your Elkhart, INBlack windows absorb more heat

There’s an advantage to black windows beyond their aesthetic value. Black absorbs more heat, which is suitable for Elkhart winters. Of course, this doesn’t make them ideal during the summer heat, but you can avoid this downside by getting thermally broken aluminum frames.

They have plastic separators that keep heat from moving between internal and external frames, keeping your indoors cool regardless of the outside temperature.

Ready to get black replacement windows in Elkhart, IN, for your home? We have black windows in different materials, including fiberglass, along with expert installers to bring your vision to life. Call us for a free virtual consultation or fill out this form to get a quote.

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