Should You Repair Old Windows or Install Replacement Windows?

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Do you need to have some of the windows in your home repaired right now? It might be worth calling on a window company to come out and fix them for you. But it might also be worth considering replacing your old windows with new ones. There are a lot of people who benefit from installing replacement windows in Goshen, IN as opposed to trying to fix old ones. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re weighing your options.

How old are your windows?

When you say you have “old” windows in your home, how old are we talking? Your windows might be 15 years old at this point, but depending on what they’re made out of, that could still be on the younger side. Many vinyl windows will last a whole lot longer than that as long as you take good care of them. But at the same time, if your windows are well over 25 or even 30 years old, repairing them might not be in your best interest. You should think about the age of your windows when trying to decide if Goshen, IN window replacement is right for you.

How many of your windows are in need of repairs?

Do you have a single window in your home that needs to be repaired right now—or are there multiple windows throughout your home that have broken down on you? If you fall into the first category, fixing a single window might be the right move for you to make. But if you fall into the second one, it might not be worth spending a bunch of time and money fixing multiple windows throughout your home. It could be a much better idea to replace these windows so that you don’t have to worry about doing more repairs to them in the future.

Do you like your current windows?

Do you love the way that your current windows look and feel in your home? Then that might be reason enough for you to keep them around a little bit longer. You can restore them back to their original condition in many cases by making repairs to them. But it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t let your love for your windows cloud your judgement. If they’re not in the best of shape, replacing them with new windows that you love just as much would probably be the smart move.

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Can you afford to replace your windows?

Replacing all of the windows scattered throughout your home is obviously going to require an investment on your part. It’s going to cost you more to replace windows than to repair them. This is something you should take into account when considering window replacement in the first place. But you should also take into account all the future repairs that may need to be made to your home’s windows. If you suspect you might pay a small fortune in the coming years to repair windows, replacing them now could save you money in the end.

Have you decided that you would prefer to replace your home’s old windows rather than trying to repair them? Key Exteriors, Inc. will be there to provide you with everything you’ll need to put your new Goshen, IN windows into place. Give us a call now to discuss the replacement windows in our inventory with an experienced window specialist.

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