5 Replacement Window Styles for the Bathroom

replacement windows in Goshen, INMost people getting replacement windows in Goshen, IN, don’t spend much time thinking about the bathroom. It’s a smaller space in an obscure part of the house. But there are a lot of rewards for upgrading the design of your bathroom windows.

As an area of the home that experiences high humidity levels, it’s worth having a window that allows much of that to escape. And looks good while doing it.

There are several bathroom window styles suited for that. We talk about five of them below.

Sliding Windows

The operating mechanism of sliding windows makes them suited to tight areas that need a bit of ventilation. Since bathroom designs generally fit this description, it is a practical option.

It’s a great choice for the shower or over the tub, and you can customize it specifically to your needs. You can get them in different sizes and materials, including low-maintenance vinyl and fiberglass.

Even better, they are one of the most affordable styles you can get if you’re looking to save cost in the less visible areas of your home.

Casement Windows

Most people use casement windows in other parts of the home, but they are well-suited to the bathroom too. Especially if you’re prioritizing aesthetics over costs.

They have hinges on the side like a door and a crank that opens the window outwards. It gives you maximum ventilation when you need it.

Casement windows are ideal for narrow walls and small spaces. They work well over a tub, and you can easily combine them with other styles, like a picture window.

Awning Windows

They are a typical go-to style for bathrooms for a good reason. They are hinged at the top and open outward. This makes awning windows a perfect bathroom style since you can place them close to the ceiling, where it’s hard for snooping eyes to reach.

Awning windows also don’t lose their stylistic appeal when they are small. Hence, they make a great shower window.

You can get privacy glass if you want it lower at waist length. You still maintain your privacy, even when the window is open.

Double-Hung Windows

With a vertical design that fits into any space, it’s hard not to see why double-hung windows aren’t just perfect bathroom windows but for any room in your home.

They are low maintenance, and you have maximum control over ventilation and privacy thanks to the mobility of the top and bottom sashes.

Double-hung windows also look good in any material, allowing you to enjoy the windows’ benefits with a limited budget.

replacement windows in Goshen, INPicture Windows

Another way to spruce things up in your bathroom is with picture windows. They make your bathroom feel larger and brighter, and you can even deploy them as framed art for your bathtub.

However, this is the most expensive option since you need to combine them with another window that opens to provide ventilation. But the aesthetic benefits are worth it.

These are just a few bathroom styles, but there are others. Feel free to contact us for additional ideas when shopping for replacement windows in Goshen, IN. Our staff is happy to provide helpful insight into your preferred choices. Call us today to set up a free consultation.

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