How to Maintain Your Wood Windows

replacement windows in Elkhart, INWood windows are arguably the most aesthetically pleasing windows with an extremely long life. But these advantages come at a cost: regular maintenance, which is why homeowners looking for replacement windows in Elkhart, IN, tend to go with vinyl or other materials.

But if you’ve taken the leap, here are straightforward maintenance routines to follow to keep your windows fresh for decades.

Remove Dust and Dirt

Over time, dust and dirt build on the windows. It’s the unavoidable consequence of being part of the home exterior. When they gather, use a soft, dry cloth on the top layer of dirt to remove them.

Doing this regularly, about once or twice a month, depending on your environment, will keep your windows clean. It will also make performing other maintenance actions smoother.

Check for Damage

While removing dust from the window frame, keep an eye for damages. It could be cracks, peeling, or mildew growth. It may even be as simple as spots where the natural wood is exposed because the finish is coming off.

The trick to making your wood windows last is fixing minor damages before they worsen. You need regular observation for that.

Fill in Cracks

Once you discover any damage to the frame, get to work immediately. Cracks, a common wood problem, can be fixed with a wood filler.

Use a putty knife to apply filler into the crack. Then smoothen the surface with the blade until it blends with the rest of the frame. Allow it to dry overnight.

Wash the Frame

If you dust once or twice a month, you should wash the frame once in six months or as needed, depending on your environment.

Washing a wooden frame is easy. You only need one tablespoon of mild detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth or sponge. The cloth should be damp, not soaking wet. Too wet and soapy water will run from the frames into the windowsill, further causing damage.

Gently wash the frame with a cloth or sponge. If the windows are significantly dingy, add a teaspoon of baking soda to the soapy water. Use a clean, damp cloth to remove any soapy residue when you finish.

Finally, use a dry cloth to remove excess moisture and let it dry.

Clean the Glass

Any generic glass cleaner will do. Alternatively, you can create your own with vinegar and water. To clean, spray with glass with the mixture and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

Then, with a dry cloth, polish the glass until it is streak-free.

Refinish the Wood

After two or three years, the original finish will fade from prolonged exposure to the elements. Refinish the exterior and interior wood frame to restore the vibrant look.

To do this, sand the entire frame with sandpaper and wipe the dust away with a clean, dry cloth.

Then apply an even coat of stain, wax, or oil to the wood. Let it dry before applying the second coat.

replacement windows in Elkhart, INIf you choose to paint, choose an outdoor latex or oil-based enamel paint. Or a semi-transparent stain if you want a natural look.

Either option will offer the right balance of aesthetic improvement and protection from moisture and the sun.

Your wood window should last at least 30 years by following these maintenance routines. If you have additional questions, contact us. We offer replacement window services in Elkhart, IN, and our staff is here to assist you. Call us or visit here today.

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