Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Bathroom Windows

replacement windows in Goshen, INProviders of replacement windows in Goshen, IN often meet homeowners who give little thought to their bathroom windows. This is not ideal, especially for a functional room where most people start their day.

If you are getting replacement windows, here are some important factors to consider.


The number one thing to consider is the size, which is essentially about how much light you want to let in.

Most people opt for default regular-sized windows regardless of the room or the environment, but this is not always a good use of space.

For instance, a large window in a small bathroom can make it look more open and spacious.

Also, if you have beautiful outdoors, large windows like a floor-to-ceiling window allow you to enjoy the view while having a relaxing bath.

Ventilation, energy efficiency, and privacy are other reasons to consider the size carefully.


Do you want clear or textured glass? How do you want to strike a balance between natural light and privacy? With frosted glass or window treatments like blinds and curtains?

The transparency level of your bathroom goes a long way in determining the type and durability of the decor and finishings.


There are so many window styles, and they all suit the bathroom. As the space where you get ready for the day, the aesthetic quality of your bathroom matters a lot.

It could be a casement, awning, or bay and bow windows. Knowing how the style fits your aesthetic vision is worthy of deep consideration.

Plus, style informs how difficult or easy it will be to operate the window.


The placement of the window determines how much value you can get out of it. A replacement window project offers you the chance to maximize each window’s functionality.

A common example of this is placing your window higher than the head-height if the bathroom has high walls.

You can use clear glass, allow more air to circulate, and let in more light without compromising privacy.

Figuring out the placement helps you select the qualities you want most out of your bathroom window.

replacement windows in Goshen, INEnergy Performance

A major downside of treating your bathroom windows as an afterthought is the risk of choosing a window with poor insulation.

The lack of insulation means an increase in energy bills and an overall decrease in indoor comfort.

Whatever you decide on size, style, and placement, always consider the energy efficiency.

It’s not just about paying more in energy bills either.

The bathroom is a principal source of humidity, and a poorly insulated window could create the perfect environment for mold to grow.

If they spread to the rest of your home, they could cause severe damage to your windows and health problems like asthma and other breathing issues.

Picking out the right bathroom windows takes thoughtful consideration as well as installers who can bring your vision to life. We are good at that. Schedule a free consultation with us for your replacement windows needs in Goshen, IN. You can also visit our location today if you prefer an in-person chat.

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